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What Should You Do When Water Leaks from the AC Unit?

Is There Water Leaking From Your Air Conditioner?

If you notice a leak, you may assume that it has to do with your home’s plumbing system. In some cases, your air conditioner may be to blame. If there is water leaking from your air conditioner, is can threaten the health of your unit and potentially cause water damage to your home. Any time you notice a water leak, you should act quickly to locate the source of the leak and correct the problem. Water leaks are NEVER a good sign and can lead to extensive damage and costly repairs. If you notice an extensive water leak, call the professionals at ACE Home Services Immediately.

Understanding Water Leaks from A/C Units

Water leaks from air conditioners can occur at any time. Some of the water may be from the air itself, due to humid environments and condensate build up. Your A/C unit has a specific fan that is responsible for moving warm and humid air past a condenser coil, which cools the air using refrigerant. The refrigerant cools air by absorbing the heat. As it does this, in the indoor evaporator coil cools down and drains any condensation through a condensate drainage system.

Normally, this condensation should drain through a pipe that is attached to the wall of your home, next to the outdoor unit. But how does this water get there? The water that forms from the indoor coil drains into a drip tray, which then drains out through the outdoor pipe. If there is an issue with any of these components, the water may spill into the system and cause a water leak. This is a time-sensitive issue, in which you should try to stop the leak as quickly as possible. Water leaks from A/C systems have been known to cause thousand of dollars worth in damage, affecting ceilings, walls, cabinets, and floors.

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What Affects Your A/C’s Condensate Drainage System

There are various issues that can affect your condensate drainage system and cause water leaks:

Clogged Drainage Pipe

Debris and algae can clog any condensate pipe, causing water to build up and overflow into the system, and eventually, your home.

Poorly Installed Drainage Tray

If your drainage tray was not properly installed, condensation can easily spill into the system.

Cracked Drainage Tray

The water that is supposed to drain into the tray will leak out , directly into your home.

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