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6 Enemies of Your Air Conditioner & How to Beat Them

That poor defenseless thing – left out in the rain, the cold, and the heat. And, at the mercy of its enemies. Can you protect your air conditioner from its six worst enemies? One of them is totally up to you!

6 Common Issues that Work Against Your AC Unit

As a good homeowner you certainly don’t want to intentionally ruin your air conditioner, but when you do these six things you probably are.

1. Your Lawn Maintenance Equipment


ACE Home Services - Household Items that Ruin AC Units: Lawn Equipment

They’re loud. They’re scary. And they can do your air conditioner in. Your lawn mower and weed eater can do it in. Talk about cuts to the drain lines, power lines and refrigerant lines – or a rock or weed eater that takes out the condenser fins. Keep your lawn – and your lawn equipment – a safe distance away from the unit.

2. Dogs, Namely Male Ones


ACE Home Services - Household Items that Ruin AC Units: Dogs

A guy’s got to do what a guy’s got to do, but if the guy is your male dog lifting his leg, it’s downright corrosive. Over time, it will damage the delicate metals of your air conditioner. They can actually produce a gaping hole over time. So, keep the dog away!

3. Ants


ACE Home Services - Household Items that Ruin AC Units: Ants

Don’t think you would recognize the danger of these little guys, but ants can be a real problem. First, there’s a couple of scouting ants – scientists have shown they’re drawn to the electrical current. Zap! But, as they die they send out a chemical call for help. More ants are on the way to the rescue. Lots of zaps. Lots more ants – until they can actually cause short circuiting and damage to the electrical parts.

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4. Lush Plants & Bushes


ACE Home Services - Household Items that Ruin AC Units: Lush Garden

Ahhh… the beauty of a green backyard with flowers and vines and lots of pretty stuff. Don’t let them choke your air conditioner! Keep them at least 2 feet away so the A/C can get the air and service it needs. Plus, clean up any plant debris that blows into the A/C.

5. Copper Thieves


ACE Home Services - Household Items that Ruin AC Units: Copper Thieves

There’s a lot of copper in your air conditioner and when copper prices are up, so are A/C thefts. You’re away at work and a clever thief can catch on to your schedule fairly quickly. If possible place your air conditioner in a protected place where it is out of sight and hard to access. If theft is common in your area, look into an air conditioner alarm (They make them.) or a cage.

6. Not Properly Maintaining Your AC Unit


ACE Home Services - Household Items that Ruin AC Units: Lack of Maintenance

This one is all you – the biggest danger to your air conditioner is lack of maintenance. Do your part! Change your filters monthly.

HVAC Maintenance Programs & Air Conditioning Service in Phoenix

Start the season with an hvac maintenance program from an air conditioning contractor and if your A/C isn’t working properly get air conditioning repair service right away before a little problem turns into a big one!

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