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What Is the Best Setting for My Air Conditioner?

This is a common question we receive at ACE Home Services. We understand that you want to find a setting on your thermostat  that can keep your home comfortable, but won’t skyrocket your monthly electric bills.

What Should I Set My Thermostat To?

Finding the best setting for your home in Phoenix can be tricky  due to summer temperatures that reach as high as 120°F. You don’t want to set the thermostat too high, making your home uncomfortably warm, but you also don’t want to set it to low and overwork your air conditioner or your AC might stop working altogether. We suggest that you set the temperature in the range of 74-78°F. Keep in mind that this number can vary depending on your family and their respective needs.


Don’t Set The Temperature Too Low!

When attempting to cool your home, many people make the mistake of cranking the thermostat to low temperatures. This action DOES NOT cool your home any faster than it normally does. Instead, it just pushes your air conditioner to its limit and raises your energy usage, ultimately costing you extra money. Your A/C will work at the same pace as it tries to cool your home, but it will take longer and use more energy to do so. We do not recommend doing this.

ACE Home Services Thermostat

If you are looking to cool your home down quickly and efficiently, make sure all the windows and doors and closed and well insulated. Keep your A/C on, even when you aren’t home, and you will be able to enjoy a cool and comfortable environment throughout the whole summer. Our professionals at  ACE also suggest installing a programmable thermostat, which gives you more control of your home’s air, even while you are away.

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