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What Does a Typical Gas Furnace Cost?

Though we may not feel the depths of winter’s cold that our friends in New England do, we Phoenicians still benefit from the toasty warmth that energy-efficient gas furnaces provide. With modern advances, these systems are a major, but necessary, investment.

Gas Furnace Prices


ACE Home Arizona - Typical Gas Furnace Cost: Comparison

Prices for home systems vary widely, from $1,500 up to around $8,000. On average, an installed gas furnace will cost around $3,849–according to

However, pegs the average at $5,500 and a range of $700 to $13,000. Why such a wide range, and why are these averages so different? Well, many factors affect gas furnace prices.

Factors Affecting Price

Gas furnace prices vary by region, by installation and by manufacturer. Arizona is in the southern tier of states that must meet less stringent energy efficiency guidelines, says the federal Energy Star program, because people living in Phoenix do not experience the same bone-chilling winters that our northern counterparts do.

Installation in every home is slightly different, so the same model may need more adaptation in one house than in another, which also affects price. The size and complexity of your selected furnace, the amount of modifications to ductwork, and even the configuration of your home will affect pricing as well.

When comparing different manufacturers’ models, try to match Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) ratings, as higher AFUE models cost more. They wring more heat out of every molecule of gas they use.

Key Features


technician working in a furnace

Today’s gas furnaces are far more efficient than models of even a decade ago. You may think a furnace is a one-time cost, but if you do not choose wisely, you can pay for that poor choice for years to come. Look for these key features:

  1. Advanced (multi-speed) blower motors
  2. Dual heat exchanger
  3. Hot surface ignition
  4. Minimum 10-year warranty
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One feature you will not find on the furnace itself, but that you must have: a reliable, reputable local HVAC contractor to sell you the gas furnace and install it flawlessly. A superior contractor and qualified technician can coax abundant heat out of a mid-range gas furnace, while a sub-par installation job by poorly trained technicians can offset any energy benefit from a high-priced, high-efficiency gas furnace.

Contact ACE Home Services for All Furnace Needs

Ace Home Services can offer you advice on selecting the ideal gas furnace for your home. We also sell and install gas furnaces across a wide range of prices. Please contact Ace Home Services today at (602) 428-3341  to learn more about selecting and buying a gas furnace for your Valley home. Ask about our commercial heating services.

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