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Need a New Bathtub Liner? Here’s How Much You Can Expect to Pay

If you have an old bathtub that needs revamping, then it may be time to purchase a new bathtub liner. Liners are a great way to decorate your bathtub and add an additional element of design to your entire bathroom. Bathtub liners are made to fit snug over your existing tub without any need for demolition or serious remodeling. If you’re looking to update your bathroom at a value, liners may be the right choice for you!

Typicals Prices and Costs

Liners come in a variety of colors and are made of acrylic, PVC, or plastic. PVC liners are normally less expensive than acrylic ones but can yellow over time. On average, replacing a bathtub can cost you anywhere from $1,500 to $5,000. Bathtub liners are much more affordable, running anywhere from $500-$1,000. Another important factor is the surrounding walls of your bathtub. If they are in bad shape, you may end up paying more to replace wall panels and shelves. In order to avoid hidden costs, be sure to check all aspects of your bathtub and bathroom before beginning any remodeling.


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The Standard Procedure for Bathtub Liners

Although there are some standardized liners availing in today’s market, most companies will send a representative to come to your home to properly asses your tub and take down the precise measurements for a custom liner. This also helps the company identify the right model and shape of your tub. Typically, liners weigh about 35 pounds and can be shipped directly to your home in 4-8 weeks. An installer from the company you contract should then come to your home to install the liner. Installation normally takes anywhere from 6-8 hours and includes the following procedure:

  • Clean the old tub
  • Removed the old drain and overflow
  • Properly trim the liner so that it fits tightly against your bathroom walls
  • Use adhesive to attach the new liner to the old tub
  • Install a new drain and overflow
  • Caulk the seams
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Do you need to contact professional plumbers to help install a new bathtub at your home? If so, click here to request service or call (602) 428-3341 .

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