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Changing Direction: Your Ceiling Fan’s Heating Power

During summer, your ceiling fan probably sees the most action, especially here in Arizona. But if you only run you cieling fan during the summer, you are missing out on some of it energy-saving abilities! Fans are great at cooling down rooms, but they can also be used as a heating tool. The secret? Change your fan’s rotational direction clockwise during the winter.
Normally, your fan forces cool air downwards. As winter approaches, simply switch the rotating direction! This will cause your fan to force air towards the ceiling, ultimately driving warm air down and dispersing it throughout the area. The exception to this rule is home with high, open ceilings. The air will cool by the time it reaches the ceiling, requiring you to use your furnace if you want to heat these rooms.

Did You Know that Your Ceiling Fan is a Cooling AND Heating Tool?

Have you ever heard the saying “heat rises”? If not, here is a quick lesson in the physics of air. As the molecules in air are heated, they become excited and begin to move around, causing the air to expand.

ACE Home Services Changing Ceiling Fans Direction


As hot air expands, it will take up more space and become less dense than cool air, causing it to rise. Cold weather often causes the warm air in your house to rise to the ceiling, causing you to feel the cold air that remains. By turning your fan’s rotation to blow air towards the ceiling, it will force the warm air residing there down and slowly heat up the room.
To change the direction of your fan, make sure the fan is turned off. The switch may be located on the fan itself, or on the remote (this will vary with different makes and models). If you aren’t sure where the switch is, you can refer to the fan’s manual or simply look it up online.
After you have made the switch, turn the fan back on, and make sure it is blowing in the right direction. Using your fan to its full extent can help you achieve comfortable temperatures without paying extra.

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