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3 Signs Your A/C Needs More Refrigerant

If you notice that your air conditioning is not working properly, such as the air isn’t blowing cold, there are many possible factors that could have caused this. In many cases, all your A/C needs is more refrigerant! If this is the cause of your problem, then it’s time you call your local HVAC repairman to come and refill your A/C and get your system back the blowing cool air.

A/C Not Working? How To Tell If Your HVAC Needs Freon

how to know if your hvac needs freon


How do i know if my HVAC needs freon? Keep reading to learn three key signs that your A/C needs more refrigerant.

    1. Strange Noises

If you notice any strange noises coming from your A/C, you should not ignore these sounds. Whether it’s hissing or gurgling, these noises indicate that there is an issue within the system, potentially a refrigerant leak. Unfortunately, for minor refrigerant leaks, you may not even hear a noise. It’s important to pay attention to these things because if there is a leak, you should turn off the unit and immediately call for backup. More often than not, minor problems with air conditioning units can grow into major problems and lead to breakdowns if they are not properly addressed.

    1. Blowing Warm Air

One of the most common signs that there is an issue with your refrigerant levels is if your A/C begins to blow warm air. If you notice that the air at the registers is uncomfortably warm, despite your thermostat being set to a low temperature, then you know you have an issue with your A/C.

    1. Unresponsive Thermostat

If the indoor temperature inside your home feels too warm, and you continuously lower the temperature settings on your thermostat without noticing any change, then your refrigerant might need to be recharged. Refrigerant is responsible for removing the heat from the outside air before it circulates inside your home. Without it, your air conditioning system is unable to properly cool air to your desired preference before it enters your home. This is she was especially common during the summer time, in which your A/C system may use excess refrigerant to cool down the hot desert air before sending it your way.

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Need HVAC Help in Phoenix?

Are you experiencing air conditioning issues related to refrigerant? If so, click here to schedule a service call (602) 428-3341  or call to have a professional, experienced ACE HVAC technician fix it!

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