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3 Ways to Know if Your A/C Compressor is Failing

Air conditioning systems are complex machines that have intricate electrical wiring responsible for the various components required for each unit to perform properly. This being said, there are many different issues that can lead to malfunctions or breakdowns within A/C units that can prevent cold air blowing. One of the main components of your A/C is the compressor relay, which is responsible for providing the electrical power to the compressor and clutch. If the compressor is not receiving the necessary power, your air conditioning system will not function properly. In some cases, your relay may burn out and need to be replaced. When this happens, there are signs that indicate it’s time to fix the compressor unit. Keep reading to learn three major signs that indicate your compressor is failing.

3 Signs Your Air Conditioning Compressor is Going to Fail


Woman feeling warm in home with broken air compressor


If you see one or more of the following going on with your air conditioner, there’s a good chance that your compressor is about to quit on you.

    1. Your A/C is Blowing Warm Air

One major sign that there’s an issue with your compressor relay is if your air conditioning unit no longer blows cold air into your home. A broken relay means that the system is not receiving enough power to properly cool outside air before circulating it into your home. If your A/C is blowing warm air, this may not be the root cause, but it is definitely a common factor to consider.

    1. A/C Outside Unit Making Loud Noise or Your Compressor Isn’t Turning On

This may seem like an obvious reason, but many people aren’t even aware that their A/C compressor is not even turning on. One way you can determine this is if you simply listen for the compressor to switch on. Normally, when you turn on an A/C unit, you will be able to hear the compressor start up and make a familiar noise. This noise should resemble a clicking sound due to the clutch becoming activated. If you turn on your A/C unit and do not hear any noise or the ac outside unit is making loud noises, it is possible that the relay is not providing the power to the clutch and/or the compressor unit is failing.

    1. Cool Air is Inconsistent

When the power provided from a failing relay to the compressor becomes inconsistent, it can cause your air conditioner to fluctuate in its ability to cool down air. If you notice that the cool air being provided to your home is inconsistent, due to the A/C switching on and off, then you may want to consider calling an HVAC technician to inspect your unit for a failing compressor.

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If you notice any of these signs occurring with your air conditioning system, or are experiencing any other issues, we suggest you call the professional HVAC technicians at ACE Home Services. We will send one of our experienced and certified technicians to your home to inspect your unit and properly replace any relays or compressors. Let us help you get your air conditioning unit back in working condition!

Air Conditioning Compressor Repairs & Installs in Phoenix

So, you’re air conditioner is showing signs of a compressor failure and you need it fixed fast. The good news is ACE Home Services can not only repair or replace your HVAC compressor, but we can do it immediately as we offer emergency service calls. Click here to contact ACE or call us directly at (602) 428-3341 .

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