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How To Set Your Thermostat to Vacation Mode in Phoenix

Getting ready to leave for vacation? Whether it’s just a weekend, or a long trip, you want to make sure your home is taken care of. If you’re trying to save some money, you may think it’s a good idea to turn your A/C off completely. Not only is this a bad idea, but it can actually end up costing you more than if you leave your A/C on. Instead, we suggest turning your A/C up by 5-10 degrees to keep your home comfortable and safe, without costing you extra.

Don’t Turn Your A/C Unit Off!

There are a few reasons you should not turn your A/C off. First, if you are leaving behind any pets, whether they are dogs, cats, fish, or mice, you want to make sure that your home is at a safe temperature. During summer, when temperatures can reach triple digits, your home can become a sealed oven and drive indoor temperatures even higher than outdoor temperatures. This threatens the safety and survival of your pets, making it a dangerous and foolish decision to leave any living thing to endure the heat. Even if you are just leaving behind plants, you want to avoid shutting off your HVAC system.

Another reason you shouldn’t turn your a/c unit completely off when you leave for vacation is that the heat can damage the interior of your home. As indoor air temperatures rise, humidity levels can threaten the drywall, wood, sheet rock, and wallpaper in you home. It can also damage art, important documents, electronics, appliances, and even wine.

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We suggest setting your thermostat up to 85 degrees and relocating any important valuables to a cooler space in your home for additional protection.

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Pros To Leaving Your A/C On!

By leaving your A/C on, you can come home to a home that is at a comfortable temperature. Even better, it will not take as long, or use as much energy, to cool back down to your normal temperature settings. When you turn your A/C all the way off, then turn it back on again, it uses a lot of electricity and takes a longer time to cool down your entire home.

Many HVAC systems these days have a programmable thermostat that can adjust temperature settings automatically while you are away. You can also invest in a smart thermostat, which allows you to control your homes A/C from a mobile app.

By leaving your A/C on when you leave for vacation, you are protecting your pets, valuables, and home itself. It will even save you money in the long run, enabling you to come back to a comfortable home without any unwanted surprises

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