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Problems with Your Sewer Line? Schedule a Camera Inspection!

When it comes to household problems, your sewer line may be the worst repair you have to face. Your sewer system has a main outtake pipe, which is responsible for transporting any greywater or waste from your home to your city’s sewage system.

If you ever have the misfortune of wastewater backing up into your household plumbing and fixtures, then you may be at risk for expensive and time-consuming repairs. How can you prevent this? Although the pipes for your sewage system are buried underneath dirt and pavement, you can still diagnose the problem without having to excavate your space.

Camera Inspections

Camera inspections have become an increasingly popular plumbing service for inspection sewage systems. It allows technicians to discover problems in your sewage system without have to dig anything up. Plumbing cameras are waterproof and designed to maneuver through various kinds of sewer pipes, regardless of your home’s location. These cameras can rotate, zoom, pan, and provide thorough and comprehensives views of the inside of the pipes. This enables plumbers to properly diagnose the problem and provide thorough and effective results.


ACE Home Services Sewer Inspection Videoscope

What to Expect

Hopefully, the cause for your sewer issues is simply a clog, which can easily be removed. Even if the inspection returns the results that the issue it due to crystalize soap and grease buildup, you can still address this issue without causing significant damage.

What about the worst case scenario? If your sewer line breaks or bursts for any reason, you may be facing expensive and complicated repairs. If this happens, then you’re only solution may be to start digging. Fortunately, if your perform a camera inspection, you can take comfort knowing that you are only digging if absolutely necessary.

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Let The Experts Help You

If you experience any trouble with your drains or sewage system, call ACE Home Services immediately. We offer Phoenix’s most trusted plumbing services and will help you diagnose and fix the problem quickly and effectively.

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