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5 Common Plumbing Mistakes Homeowners Make

When plumbing problems arise, many homeowners prefer to try to tackle them on their own. Thanks to the online help guides and blogs, many homeowners are able to pick up plumbing skills and tackle their home projects themselves. Despite this, it’s important to recognize which jobs you can address, and which jobs require a professional. Just because you have the right tools doesn’t always qualify you for the job. Make sure you avoid these following mistakes, helping you stay safe, save time, and protect your bank account.

The 5 Most Common Mistakes

Failing to turn off the water before beginning repairs

Before you ever attempt to tackle a plumbing repair, be sure to turn off the water first! You can either shut off the main valve that allows water into your home, or shut off localized valves (found near your sinks and toilets). Failing to do this can results in flooding and further damages, costing you more than you bargained for.

Carelessness when using a soldering torch

Some plumbing repairs require you to solder pipes together, which is a doable job, but can potentially be dangerous. Make sure you have removed and protected any flammable objects near you before you break out the torch. Also, never put the torch down when the flame is on and ignited. Be cautious of your space to avoid danger and unexpected problems.


ACE Home Services Common Household Mistakes

Disposing of trash in the toilet

The only materials you should ever flush down your toilet are humans waste and toilet paper. Flushing trash down the toilet can clog the pipes and cause overflow, flooding, and nasty messes.

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Using the sink drain to dispose of grease

The fat from grease can build up and clog your sink drain, requiring you to call plumber.

Failing to insulate exposed pipes during winter

During winter, temperatures can drop below freezing. This can threaten your pipes by causing the water in them to freeze, expand, and ultimately burst your pipes. Make sure you insulate any pipes exposed to the cold to avoid frigid floods and costly repairs.

The 6th Mistake

The sixth mistake that many people make is refusing to ask for help! If you have any questions, require additional assistance, or find yourself in the face of an emergency, call ACE Home Services today!

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