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Is My Tap Water Safe to Drink?

Generally speaking, the tap water in your home should be safe to drink. The water from your tap comes from your city’s municipal water supply, which is purified at a treatment plant to meet specific federal standards before being distributed to you. Despite this, your water supply can still become contaminated before it reaches you. It’s important to be aware of chemicals that can alter you water and threaten the quality of the water you receive from your home’s faucets.

Dangers of a Broken Water Main

The water main is the main line of the municipal water supply system. A crack, leak, or break in the water main can allow harmful pathogens and chemical to contaminate the water after it’s been treated, before it reaches your household. If the main pipe begins to decay or corrode, debris and unwanted materials can infiltrate the water and add another threat to your home’s water supply.

Testing at Treatment Plants has its Limits

Although federal standards are strict and technicians perform stringent testing, they are only testing for certain chemicals and pathogens. Sometimes, unknown and unexpected chemicals can contaminate water. These can come from pesticides, industrial waste, hormonal byproduct, and other places, depending on where you live.


ACE Home Services Tap Water Treatment Plant

In addition to this, there have been studies that suggest the byproducts of chlorine treated water can cause major health issues, such as cancer and reproductive problems. Regardless, your tap water is still safe to drink because trace amounts of these chemicals and byproducts are so minimal that they are disregarded as dangerous or a health threat. You can still take extra precautions to provide your family with higher quality water, eliminating any room for these types of dangers.

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How to Protect Your Water from Pathogens and Chemicals

If your are concerned that your home’s water supply is not the quality you deserve, then there are many options that can help you achieve better water. First, you can purchase a test kit that is designed to detect any trace chemicals. If the results are not to your liking, you can install an advanced, high-quality water filtering and treatment system for your household plumbing.

If you need any help testing your home’s water supply, understanding the results, or learning more about your options, contact your friends at ACE Home Services! Our expert and certified plumbers can help you find the right solution for you home, at the right price. Call us today!

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