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3 Methods to Keep your Air Conditioner Clean

It is really hot outside in Phoenix in the summer. We all know it, but it surprises us every summer season. We turn our air conditioners on at the start of the season and it smells dusty. That smell usually goes away but sometimes it sticks around. With monsoon storms that smell can come back because of all of the dust that flies around during the storm. Phoenix is notorious for dust storms so you have to treat your air conditioner properly. Keeping it clean is the first step to treating it properly. It can also be a preventative measure so you do not need to look up Air Conditioning Repair Phoenix. Below are a few methods to keep your air conditioner clean and running smoothly.

3 Ways to Keep a Clean Air Conditioner

If you follow these three suggestions, you shouldn’t have to worry about the consequences of having a dirty air conditioner. If you don’t follow them, you know who to call!

1. Change the Air Filter


ACE Home Services - Ways to Keep Your AC Unit Clean - Air Filters

The air filter catches all of dust and dirt from outside. If it is not changed every few months dust will start slipping through into your home. Changing the filter will allow the AC to run smoothly and to get rid of the dusty smell in your home.

2. Clean Around Your Air Conditioner Unit


ACE Home Services - Ways to Keep Your AC Unit Clean - Clean Around Air Conditioner

If your unit is on the ground it is exposed to grass, dirt, and pet dander every day. If it is on your roof, it is also exposed to the wind, flying, dirt, and debris. That means all of that can get caught in your air conditioner if you are not careful. Make sure that you keep the area as clean as possible and check it every so often check it out.

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3. Get your Ducts Cleaned


ACE Home Services - Ways to Keep Your AC Unit Clean - Air Ducts

Dust can get trapped in the air ducts that run throughout your home. That means that your house will smell like dust until the ducts get cleaned. This is a job for professionals like the ones at ACE Home AC Repair Company.

Who to Call for AC Repairs in Phoenix

Keeping a clean air conditioning system is crucial for your comfort in your home. For more tips on keeping a clean air conditioner, or to have your AC unit professionally repaired, contact ACE Home AC Repair Company. They can answer your questions or even schedule an appointment to come to your home. So call them today!

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