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3 Ways Pets Can Effect Your Air Conditioner’s Maintenance & Repair Costs

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For many of us, pets are part of our family. We spoil them and they become one of our babies. That being said, pets can also affect our air conditioner’s ability to keep us cool and comfortable in our own home. While it is not necessarily their fault that we have these issues, it is still definitely an inconvenience. It does not matter if it is a dog, cat, or rodent. It has fur which means it can cause problems with your air conditioner.

Ways Our Pets Effect AC Costs

If you’re a pet owner, you probably haven’t considered how your dog or cat effects your air conditioner. Take a moment to see how your pets actually effect the A/C.

1. Fur & Dander

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Pet fur and dander can clog up the system. All pets shed fur. Even if you cannot see it, it is there floating around the house. That fur and dander will get caught up in your air conditioner’s filter and make it difficult for air to pass through and cool you down. You have to make sure that you change the filter every few months to avoid this problem.

2. Running the AC All Day

ACE Home Services - Ways Pets Effect Air Conditioning Costs: Running AC All Day


We pay to cool them off when we are not home. Often when we leave them at home while we are at work we leave our air conditioners on so they do not get too hot. Leaving the air conditioner on is a nice thought, but it also costs us money. Not only that, but it can also wear down our air conditioner. Try using some fans instead of leaving your air conditioner down so low while you are not home.

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3. Outdoor Elements Brought Inside

ACE Home Services - Ways Pets Effect Air Conditioning Costs: Dirt & Dust From Outside


Outdoor pets can harm the unit. Dogs and cats all have the need to mark their territory around your backyard. If you have a ground-level unit, they can urinate on the unit. This can harm the unit as you can obviously guess. Putting some type of barrier around it will keep this from happening. Additionally, dogs can bring a great deal of dust in from the backyard. This dust can get pumped into your air conditioner and spread throughout the house.

Who to Call for All, Pet-Related or Not, AC Problems

Pets are a great thing to have. There are certain precautions you have to take to allow your air conditioner to continue running smoothly. For more information on pets and air conditioners, contact ACE Home’s AC repair company in Phoenix.

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