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HVAC System Tips for Staying Comfortable at Home

Air conditioners and heaters are a crucial part of keeping you and your family comfortable in your home no matter the time of year. If you ask any air conditioning service company, they will usually tell you the same things. That is because there are some universal truths to all air conditioners that will keep your home comfortable year round. Staying comfortable is especially a challenge during the summer in Phoenix when it is extremely hot.


The first thing you should do is make sure that your air filters are changed on a regular. This is true for both winter and summer time. Furnaces have filters just like air conditioners. When you forget to change the filters your HVAC system loses efficiency. There will also be more allergens and dust getting into your home. So changing them will keep you and your family breathing easier no matter the time of year.


Make sure that ducts and doors are open in your house. This may seem silly, but it can really affect your air conditioner or heater. When the ducts are closed, or room doors are closed, more air is forced through your air conditioning system. This can cause a lot of damage and wear and tear on your air conditioning system, or heating system. It can also cause some rooms to be warmer than others. So even if ducts are just opened a little bit, you relieve the pressure on your system just a little bit.


Balancing air flow throughout your home is also a good idea. That way air can move through your home without a problem. If you notice that there is an uneven air flow in a room, check and make sure that the ducts are open. If they are, then your duct work may be twisted some. Check it and make sure that nothing is bent over 120 degrees, if you have a flex duct system. You could also try getting your air ducts professionally cleaned. This would get any dirt and debris that may have gotten in to your air duct system. Do not try cleaning your air ducts yourself.

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A tune up on your air conditioning and heating system is also a good way to remain comfortable in your home. An air conditioning service company, such as ACE Home Services, will check everything over to make sure that it is working properly. Your thermostat will be tested to make sure that it is ending the right signals to the actual unit. A tune up will also serve as a way to make sure that there are no broken parts. Wear and tear will be examined so that you will know how much longer the parts of your air conditioner or furnace will last.


There are many things you can do to make sure that you remain comfortable in your home with your family. If you have questions, give ACE Home Services a call. They will be happy to set up an appointment and answer any questions you may have.

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