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How To Purify Your Tap Water

Have you ever gone to to your sink to get a glass of water, and notice specks floating around in your glass? Gross! Not only is this upsetting, but it can also threaten your health. If you are experiencing this problem, then you should take immediate action to determine the cause of this debris and prevent impurities from contaminating your home’s water supply.

Common Causes of Dirty Tap Water

There are various approaches you can take to determine the source of your water’s contamination. The following is a list of common causes of dirty tap water, and how you can address the problem:

    • Dirty Water:

Actual dirt and silt can infiltrate your home’s plumbing system and cause dirty water to come from your faucets. This normally indicates that the water main from the municipal water supply has broken, and you should contact your local water department to alert them of the issue. If you get your water from a well, then you may need to replace your filtration system.

    • Carbon deposits from the water filter:

Most water filter systems use carbon to remove impurities from the water. When the filter breaks down, decays, gets old, or is overused, it can start releasing carbon into your water supply. Refer to the manufacturer’s instruction to learn how you can replace, or repair, the carbon cartridge.

    • Metal deposits:

Most water contains trace amounts of iron and manganese, which can be seen as tiny black specks that appear in your drinking water. These minerals are not dangerous to ingest, but may cause your water to taste weird or stain your clothes and dishes. You can address this by getting a new water softener or filtering system, which can remove the minerals before they reach your water.

    • Debris from rubber:

Some of the tubes in your plumbing system are made of rubber and can decay over time, causing bits of rubber to infiltrate your water supply. This often happens when your water has been treated with a chlorine treatment, which breaks down rubber. To resolve this issue, you will need a professional plumber to come to your home, locate the deteriorating rubber, and replace the hose.

    • Rust particles:

On the plus side, rust particles are not dangerous and can be ingested without threatening your health. That being said, these particles signal that your pipes may be corroding and in desperate need of repairs. It could also signal a problem with your municipal water supply. You will need to contact a plumber to identify this problem and determine its origin.

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Get the Help You Need!

When it comes to identifying impurities and figuring out a strategy to purify your water, you are not alone! Call ACE Home Services today and let one of our experts help you find the right solution for your home.

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