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Sewer Pipe & Drain Issues

Plumbing is part of our everyday lives. There is pretty much no home in Phoenix that does not have a plumbing system installed. Part of the plumbing system includes sewer drains, which can clog up the same way that your kitchen sink drain can. No one likes a sewer drain clog in their home. Not only is it unsightly it also can be extremely harmful to you and your family’s health. Sewer drain clogs are considered a plumbing emergency by most home service companies like ACE Home Service. You should always consult a professional plumbing contractor if you suspect that there is an issue with the sewer drains in your home. Sometimes determining whether or not you have a sewer drain clog can be difficult. Here are several signs that are a sure way to determine whether or not you have a clog.

The first sign that you may have a sewer drain clog is if multiple plumbing fixtures are backed up at the same time. A really good sign is if the toilets in your home are backed up at the same time. This is because toilets have the most direct path to the sewer.

This means that if there is a problem with those drainage pipes you will notice it there first. Very rarely will there be a clog someplace and you do not notice it in the toilets in your home. The tub and showers can also become clogged if there is an issue with the sewer drains. That is because they are low points in the drainage system so the water will sit there instead of in the sinks.

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There are can also be several signs when you the plumbing fixtures that may indicate some sort of clog or issue with the sewer drains. If you flush the toilet and the water backs up or comes into the tub in the bathroom, it is a sign of a sewer drain clog. This is because the flushed water cannot go down the pipes so it does to the lowest point it can. Another sign is if you run the sink closest to your toilet. If the water in the toilet bubbles or the water level rises then you more than likely have a clog somewhere. The key to determining whether or not you have a sewer drain clog is really to just pay attention to all of your plumbing fixtures.

Sewer drain clogs are not something you should mess around with. They can cause serious health issues as well as damage to your home. If you ever believe that you are experiencing a sewer drain clog make sure that you call a professional plumbing contractor to assess the problem. Too much can go wrong if you try to fix it yourself. ACE Home Services has plumbing contracts available to work with you to get your problem solved as quickly as possible. So give them a call today to get started on repairing your plumbing issue.

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