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How to Maintain Gas Water Heaters in Phoenix

A gas water heater is a marvel of technology, but periodic maintenance can help your Phoenix home’s marvel last much longer than the typical eight to 12 years cited by experts at Angie’s List. The Phoenix homeowners who know how to maintain gas water heaters are saving hundreds of dollars over the life of their heaters.

Keys to Good Water Heater Maintenance


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Maintaining a gas water heater involves six steps:

  1. Temperature Pressure Relief (TPR) Valve

  2. Draining

  3. Flushing

  4. Sacrificial Anode replacement

  5. Insulation

  6. Check temperature settings

The gas burner itself requires professional servicing during annual inspection and maintenance.

TPR Valve

The TPR valve at the top of the heater opens when pressure is too high. Shut off the power, turn off the cold water supply, put a bucket under the downpipe from the valve and gently lift the valve. Water should flow. Gently let the lever go and the water should stop. If it does not, drain the tank a bit and replace the old valve.


All the detailed steps to draining a gas water heater take more space than we have here, but you should drain and flush the tank around four times a year. The basic idea is to turn off power, turn off the water supply, wait a bit for the water to cool, and then open a hot water tap somewhere in your house.

Attach a hose to the drain valve. Allow the water heater to drain through a floor drain, outside, or into a bucket. If you use a bucket, be prepared to turn off the drain valve and empty the bucket often.

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With the drain valve still open, turn the cold-water supply back on so that sediment is flushed out. When the water drains clear, close the drain valve, disconnect the hose and allow the tank to fill completely. Turn the power back on and allow the tank to heat up again.

Sacrificial Anode Replacement

A long metal rod that disintegrates, rather than allowing the steel lining of the water tank to disintegrate, can be removed and inspected through the top of the heater. If the rod is less than 0.5” thick or is covered in lime and calcium deposits, replace it.


Ensure the water heater itself, and hot water pipes leading from it, are wrapped in insulation to save energy and reduce the water heater’s workload.


For maximum energy efficiency, set the gas water heater’s temperature to no more than 120 degrees.

Get a New Gas Water Heater Installed Today!

The simplest way to ensure excellent water heater maintenance is to contact ACE Home Services today. We can send a trained technician to your home on your schedule, and they will complete all of the above maintenance tasks for you quickly and effectively. For prompt, friendly Phoenix water heater installation services, contact us today at (602) 428-3341 ! Ask for a new water heater installation quote.

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