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3 Signs Your Water Heater is Not Working Correctly

Every appliance in your home will eventually wear out and need to be replaced. The same is true of your water heater; although, unlike some other appliances, it will probably give you some noticeable signs that it’s about to bite the dust. Here are some common symptoms of impending failure.

3 Reasons Your Hot Water Heater is On its Way Out

In some cases, a hot water heater can be repaired if it’s experiencing one or more of the following issues; however, sometimes it’s a sign that you need to buy a new one. Whatever the case, you can find out for sure if you hire professionals to inspect your unit.

1. Visible Corrosion


ACE Home - Hot Water Heater Needs to Be Repaired-Replaced

The tank on your heater is probably made from steel, which makes it susceptible to rust and corrosion. The first sign of a corroded tank could be flecks of rust in your hot tap water. You might also see rusted areas around the connections and the pressure relief valve. Once your tank has begun to rust, you’ll have to replace the unit. There are not currently any reliable methods for repairing rusted tanks.

2. Lukewarm Water


ACE Home Services - Water heater

A unit whose heating element or electric thermostat is malfunctioning won’t heat water as effectively as it previously did. You may notice this type of problem if your water isn’t hot or runs cool more quickly than before. This can happen gradually to your hot water heater, with the water getting cooler over time; or all at once, with a sudden (and surprising) drop in water temperature.

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Another cause for lukewarm water from your water heater is a broken dip tube, which channels cold water into the correct area to be heated, while keeping it separate from water that’s already heated. When this tube breaks, it can allow cold water to run into already-heated water. Appropriate water heater maintenance can help avert these problems before they become larger.

3. Leaks


ACE Home Services - Signs Your Hot Water Heater is Broken: Leaks

Unfortunately, hot water heaters can give up all at once and dump their contents all over your floors. If your unit is in your garage, this might not be a huge problem. In your bathroom or bedroom however, finding a water leak could be catastrophic.

Calling an Experienced Repair Professional & Leak Detection Company

Water heaters will typically last about a decade, but could fail a few years before, or many years after that point. At Ace Home Services, we understand how important it is to be prepared for water heater replacement if it’s approaching “old age” or shows any of the above signs of impending failure. Contact us today to assess your hot water heater for potential troubles. We have experience in many types of water heaters, including gas and electric water heater repair and replacement. With over 20 years of experience in water heater repair, replacement, and installation in Phoenix, we’re looking forward to serving you.

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