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Tips for Keeping Your Home Allergy Free

Here in Arizona, allergy season is in full effect! Even ACE Home Services’ office is not exempt from the sneezing, coughing, watery eyes, and runny noses! It’s definitely an epidemic, and there are very little ways to prevent it without consulting a doctor or having a regime. But, we did our homework, and we figured out some ways to make it easier to be more comfortable during this time!

First and foremost, here are some easy tips for you to stop allergies from making you so miserable:

  • Wash your hair every night:
    • When you’re out and about, pollen gets trapped in your hair. Washing your hair every night will prevent the pollen from staying around and bothering you when you’re at home.
  • Stay calm and relaxed:
    • Stress can make your allergies worse, so take some time to stay calm, relaxed, and happy.
  • Keep your nose clean:
    • Using saline solutions or herbal nasal sprays can help keep your nose clean and the pollen out.
  • Wash your bedding weekly:
    • It is recommended to wash your bedding with 140 degree hot water, as the heat will kill anything that will irritate your allergies.
  • Comb your pets daily, bathe them weekly:
    • Naturally, pets track in pollen and other allergens, or perhaps their dander could be your allergy culprit. Combing them outside daily will help remove some of those irritants, and bathing them weekly will keep their coats clean and less likely to cause issues.
  • Stay away from triggers:
    • Common triggers for everyone seem to be weeds, flowers, trees, and grasses. There are specific types here in Arizona that seem to cause a lot of problems for allergy sufferers. The following are the bad ones: timothy grass, bermudagrass, johnsongrass, redtop grass, chrysanthemums, daisies, purple coneflowers, honeysuckles, petunias, and ragweeds.
  • Use HEPA filters:
    • There are HEPA filters of all kinds for your home appliances and systems. There are definitely some available for vacuums, which will help eliminate the spread of allergens as you clean your home. There are also special HEPA filters for your a/c system, and additional UV Lights that you can attach to your home comfort system that helps kill those allergens as well.
  • Keep your home at a low humidity:
    • It is recommended to keep your air conditioning at 65 degrees, and your humidity between 40-45% to ensure the elimination and suppression of allergy triggers in your home.
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If you do all of these things already and you’re still having problems with allergies in your home, we have some more suggestions. Almost every home has leaky ducts. This can contribute to unevenly cold or warm rooms, excessive humidity levels within your home, musty odors, culmination of dust, spread of allergens, and high electricity bills. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Here’s how you can tell if you have leaky ducts:

  • Uncomfortably hot or cold rooms
  • Excessive humidity
  • Excessive dust build up on furniture and surfaces
  • Musty odors or fume smells
  • Increasing energy bills

Here at ACE Home Services, we offer a service from AeroSeal that will seal all of your ducts in your home, allowing the elimination of these problems, as well as improved longevity of your home comfort system as a whole. Here are some of the benefits that you will see from having your ducts sealed with AeroSeal:

  • Savings on your energy bills
  • Comfortable distribution of conditioned air throughout your home
  • Improved air quality through the reduction of dust, humidity, fumes, and other odors
  • Secured leak sealing through a process that reaches the nearly impossible areas that other solutions cannot reach
  • A reduction of air pollution from the generation of less energy, which helps the environment

In case you’re still a skeptic, here’s a real customer’s energy bill after having AeroSeal performed in their home:

A real customer’s energy bill reduced through having their ducts sealed with AeroSeal
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