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How Duct Cleaning Effects Indoor Air Quality

The rule of thumb for consumers is that if the ducts are dirty then the quality of indoor air does not meet the standard. Air quality often disrupts homeowners and let them decide if they need air duct cleaning. It is commonly observed that in an average 5 room home, there is approximately 40 pounds of dust created every single day.

Note that your air conditioning system works as lungs for your home or office, it takes air in and breathes air out. With routine life activities such as dusting, cleaning and chemical washing the air conditioning system gets polluted and it re-circulate contamination 5 to 7 times each day.
As a result, homeowners do not only experience poor air quality, but a dirty duct also contributes to serious health related issues. These contaminants cause severe respiratory disorders or environmental allergies.

Therefore, it is important to get duct cleaning services and get your AC system inspected by certified professional.

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