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Is Your AC Not Working After Storm Showers Have Passed?

Monsoon season is a big part of the Arizona summer, especially in Phoenix. There are constantly reports of huge dust storms, wind, rain, and lightning. These storms can cause a lot of damage. Is your ac not working after storm showers passed through? To prevent damage to your home and air conditioner, which is crucial during the summer, there are a few steps you can take.

The first step is the most basic step. Clean and replace you air conditioning filter in your home. That air filter gathers a lot of dust and allergens throughout the year. If you replace the air filter before the start of the monsoon season, dust and allergens will not get into your home quite as easily. Also, make sure you check it often during monsoon season to find out if it needs changed again.

Another step you can take is to trim back the branches on the trees surrounding your house. While this may seem like a silly step, it actually can prevent a lot of damage to your air conditioner. Twigs and branches can get snapped off of trees during a monsoon storm and fly right into your air conditioning unit. This can cause a lot of damage. If you take the precaution of cutting back the vegetation, you can minimize the damage you may receive.

Also make sure you get your air conditioner checked out if you believe that it is not working correctly. It is better to get it fixed now, rather than after a major problem has arisen.

There is not much you can do to stop the monsoons from coming. You can just take steps to try and keep it from harming your air conditioning unit. If something does happen, contact an AC Repair company in Phoenix to get it fixed right away.

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