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5 Ways Arizona Homeowners Cause Costly Breakdowns

5 Ways Arizona Homeowners Cause Costly Breakdowns

During the summer in Phoenix, most homeowners will push their A/C units to the max, trying to keep their home cool and comfortable. This can put a lot of stress on your unit, making it susceptible to breakdowns. Summer is ACE’s most popular time for service calls on A/C breakdowns. Unfortunately for homeowners, summer repairs are often costly and extremely inconvenient. Avoid the hassle by educating yourself and take preventative precautions to help keep your A/C unit in top condition.

Learn From Others’ Mistakes by Avoiding The Following:

1. Closing AC Vents:

Some homeowners believe that closing vents in unused rooms can help them save money. The logic behind this belief is that if you close a vent in a room, the air will just be pushed out an open vent in another room. However, this is not how A/C units work. Not only does this cause air pressure issues for your A/C unit, but it can lead to breakdowns and irregular airflow. ACE suggests that you leave vents open in every room, whether you use the room or not. You can find more information about this specific topic here.

2. Letting Pets Near Units:

Dogs are notorious for “marking their territory”, which includes your A/C. The issue of dog urine ruining an A/C unit is much more common than you think. Dog urine degrades the insides of the unit and “eats” away at the interior.

The picture below is an example of what happens to your unit when your pet has been using it as a bathroom. ACE suggests that you place a fence around your unit, at least a foot away from each side. Placing a fence too close to the unit can affect its performance. If you do catch your dog “marking” your unit, simply rinse it off with water.

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3. Avoiding Regular Maintenance:

ACE suggests that you schedule annual A/C maintenance services. This action is often recommended by the company that makes your unit. Not only does avoiding maintenance void your warranty, but it allows for costly problems to develop over time. Schedule spring tune-ups so you can avoid summer breakdowns, or fall maintenance so your unit is prepared for winter. ACE customers with Preventative Maintenance Agreements get complimentary 21 point tune-ups twice a year!

4. Ignoring Noises:

If your unit is making strange noises, then you have a problem. Even if your A/C seems to be working fine, and your home is cool, it should not be making any unusual sounds. ACE suggests that you call one of our technicians immediately if you hear any strange noise, so we can help prevent your unit from crashing and breaking your bank with costly repairs.

5. Leaving Air Filters In Too Long:

At the very least, your air filter should be changed out annually. The average home should have the filters changed every 90 days. Be sure to keep an eye on your filter, which can become caked with dirt. Dirty filters block air flow, alter air pressure, and can cause serious damage to your unit while raising energy costs. If your air filter looks like the one in the picture below, you should change it immediately.


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