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5 Tips to Maintain your Air Conditioner during Arizona Monsoon Season

As you probably already know, the Arizona summer monsoon is a very wet time of the year. Not only does it rain a lot, but we also have to deal with the wind and lighting. But what you may have not thought about is your air conditioner. Many of us forget just how important it is to prepare our HVAC units for the rainy season. But when it stops working due to very wet conditions, most people take notice. Today, we are going to learn five tips that will help you get your unit ready for the rain. So let’s get started learning how to protect your HVAC unit from the dangers of monsoon season!

5 Tips to Maintain your Air Conditioner during Arizona Monsoon Season

1. Remove Dead Branches

The wind is a huge factor during the Arizona summer monsoon season. If you have any dead branches hanging above your AC unit, make sure to remove them before the weather gets bad. Just one tree branch falling on your AC can completely destroy it! So make sure you take a look at the trees on your property and trim off any dead limbs. Also, if there are any other sticks laying in your yard, they could become airborne and could damage your AC unit and even your home. So don’t forget to clean your yard before the monsoon season gets into full swing. It will only take you a few hours to protect your AC and your home. This is just one of many AC maintenance tips.

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2. Buy Enough Filters To Last

Part of every AC maintenance routine is to replace filters. This needs to be done once a month during normal conditions. But during the monsoon season, Phoenix often gets covered in thick dust. This dust can clog up your air conditioner filter making it work much harder. This is why you will need to replace your filter sooner than 30 days to ensure proper working conditions. During monsoon season Phoenix may have a shortage of filters so stocking up now is a wise move. This will help you prevent damage to your AC and you will be able to use it when you need to. Air filters are very affordable and they will help protect you from a huge repair bill. They also promote better indoor air quality; protecting you and your family from air pollution.

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3. Move Your Unit to Higher Ground

If your AC unit is located on low ground, it might be at risk of flooding. Instead of having to worry about your unit getting washed away, why not move it? By moving your unit onto a platform, it will protect it from flooding which just might save you thousands of dollars. A one-time investment in a platform is money well spent when you think of what could happen to your unit. A platform can be installed in as little as one day and they are actually quite affordable. Once your AC is high off the ground, there will be no chance of it becoming flooded out.

4. Keep An Eye On Your Drain Pan

drain pan

Dust is a major part of the monsoon season. It can not only blanket your car and cause a big mess, but it can also damage your AC. In order for your HVAC unit to work properly, it needs to drain. However, when dust clogs the drain line, the moisture coming from your unit can back up into your home. Before and during the monsoon season, make sure you keep an eye on your drain pan that is located at the bottom of your AC return unit. If left unchecked, this moisture could fill up the drain pan causing water to leak into your ceiling. Water damage could occur which can be very expensive to fix. If you notice your pan is getting full, call an HVAC maintenance professional and have them remove the water from the pan and unclog your drain.

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5. Have Your AC Unit Serviced

One of the best ways to prepare your air conditioner for the summer monsoon season is by having it serviced by a professional. An HVAC maintenance professional will be able to assess your unit and tell you what you need to do to prepare. If any issues are found, they will be able to quickly address them so you don’t have to worry. So before the monsoon season arrives, make sure that you have your unit serviced. An ounce of prevention can go a long way when the weather outside turns bad. Having your AC unit serviced will help catch any small issues that may become larger. These issues can be fixed for much less instead of waiting for them to become major headaches.


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