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Where Does Freon Leak From?

Ever wonder to yourself where does freon leak from? In most cases, freon leaks that go undetected will gradually worsen over time. Most leaks begin as a “pinhole” leak, or a “champagne” leak. Many air conditioning experts call it a “champagne” leak because the freon begins to bubble at the source of the hole. Normally, this occurs at the location of the evaporator coil, but is not the only place a leak can stem from. If you lose enough freon from your HVAC system, your air conditioner won’t work and will need servicing.

How Does Freon Work?

Freon is made up of both gas and liquid, in which the evaporator coil is responsible for superheating the solution when your air conditioning is in use. When freon is in its liquid state, and there is a hole or break in the system, then you’re more likely to experience a leak. If the leak appears in your outside unit, then you can expect to pay more than you would if it was in your inside unit.

How Do I Detect a Freon Leak?

HVAC technician diagnosing freon leaking


Freon leaks are not always easy to detect, but there are some signs you can look for that indicate you may have a leak. One of the most obvious signs is a foul-smelling odor that emits from your air conditioning unit once you turn it on.

What Do I Do if Freon is Leaking?

If at any point you smell an unusual odor coming from your system, you should immediately contact a professional. Not only is freon leaking unsafe for the environment, but it also threatens the health of you and your loved ones. Even worse, they can damage your HVAC system and end up breaking your bank in costly, timely repairs.

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How To Fix a Freon Leak: You Need an Expert Leak Detector

ACE Home Services has you covered! Your friendly ACE HVAC technicians have over 20 years of experience in dealing with HVAC systems and freon leaks. Our technicians are highly experienced and certified to work with Freon and can guarantee a job well done. We have live representatives standing by during normal business hours for when you need to call in some backup. Don’t let a freon leak catch you off-guard or cause your HVAC system to malfunction and break down. Contact ACE to schedule a service call today at (602) 428-3341 !

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