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Proper AC Maintenance Throughout The Summer

Summers in Phoenix can be rough, with daily temperatures crawling as high as 120°F. During this time, your A/C works overtime to keep your home cool from the scorching outdoors. In order to prevent problems and costly breakdowns, make sure you properly maintain your A/C throughout the summer.

How To Maintain Your A/C Throughout the Summer

High-usage can wear your A/C down and affects its efficiency if it is not properly maintained during this time. We recommend scheduling an annual Spring Tune-Up, to prepare your A/C for the upcoming summer. However, when summer rolls around, there are certain actions you can take to help maintain your A/C and prevent breakdowns.

Pay Attention And Listen

ACE Home Services Listen AC Noises


If you pay close attention to your air conditioning system, you may be able to notice issues and attend to them before they create a bigger problem. For example, if your A/C starts making noises, then something is wrong. Noises indicate that a part or component within the system is worn, broke, or malfunctioning. Also, pay attention to the outside unit. This unit is responsible for pulling in air and feeding it into your system, to be cooled and distributed throughout your home. If you notice dirt or debris blocking the outside unit, remove the debris and wash it down gently with a hose. Make sure you are stocked up on filters and your refrigerant levels are good. Avoid sudden breakdowns by paying attention and being prepared.

Set Your Thermostat Efficiently

ACE Home Services AC Maintenance Thermostat


We understand that you may turn the temperature on your thermostat lower, in hopes of cooling down your home faster. Your thermostat setting does not affect the rate at which your air conditioner distributes cool air. Lowering your thermostat wears down your A/C and uses up more energy, raising your monthly electric costs. We suggest setting your thermostat to 78°F to enjoy a comfortable environment without breaking the bank. Looking to save more money? Turn the temperature up, by 10 degrees, when you leave or go to sleep. Never turn your A/C completely off if you are trying to save money. The energy it takes to boot back up and cool your entire house will cost you more than if you leave it on and simply adjust the thermostat accordingly. We also suggest installing a programmable thermostat, to give you complete control of your home’s temperature, even while you are away!

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Regularly Change Out Air Filters

Change Air Filter


This is one of the most important steps in A/C maintenance, also one of the easiest! Simply change out your air filter every month during the summer. It’s important to change dirty air filters, especially during season of high A/C use, because dirt quickly builds up and affects the filter’s ability to do its job. A dirty air filter can block airflow and cause extensive damage to your cooling system.

Sudden Breakdown? ACE Has Got You Covered!

If you experience a sudden breakdown, even if it’s in the middle of the night, call us at (602) 428-3341 . We are available around the clock and will help get your A/C back to working condition. Want to avoid breakdowns in the future? Schedule a tune-up with ACE and ask our experienced technicians what you can do to enjoy a cool, comfortable summer.

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