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How Do I Fix a Clogged Toilet?

If you have never had the unfortunate experience of facing a clogged toilet, then consider yourself lucky. Clogged toilets are common household problems that seem to occur at the worst of times, especially when the toilet begins to overflow and water rushes everywhere. If your toilet is clogged, you want to address the issue as quickly as possible to avoid flooding and causing costly damages to your bathroom. Keep reading to learn how you can fix a clogged toilet without having to hire a plumber.

Using a Plunger to Unclog a Toilet

When dealing with a clogged toilet, you’re number one solution is going to be a plunger. Rubber plungers are inexpensive and effective ways to dislodge any debris or material that is blocking your toilet from flushing. We suggest purchasing a rubber plunger that is bell-shaped and has a small rubber extension on the end. This small extension helps seal the plunger to the toilet and create an effective vacuum for plunging.

How to Use a Plunger Correctly


Man plunging a clogged toilet

If you are new to the plunger game, here’s how to properly use this tool:

  1. Insert the plunger into the toilet and align the rubber flange in the hole to properly seal the rubber against the porcelain.
  2. Begin pushing and pulling the plunger out forcefully to help dislodge the clog. Repeat this 15-20 times.
  3. Keep towels on hand for any water that splashes or spills out of the toilet bowl.
  4. After plunging, remove the toilet’s tank lid and lift the flapper valve to make sure water is filling the toilet bowl as it normally would.
  5. If the water in the tank goes down, then you can flush the toilet to test if the clog has been removed.
  6. If the water doesn’t go down, and the system is still clogged, don’t flush the toilet just yet. Try repeating the process again to dislodge the clog and test the water before flushing. Flushing while still clogged can cause flooding, which is both damaging to your bathroom and unsanitary.
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When it’s Time to Call the Plumbing Pros

If the plunger just isn’t cutting it, then it may be time to call a professional plumber. Your friends at ACE Home Services are here to help! Our experienced and trained plumbers can tackle any problem you have, whether it’s in the bathroom or somewhere else. Call us today at (602) 428-3341 and ask how we can help you!

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