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Get a New AC Unit and See the World!

So, you have heard all about the R22 ban and decided it’s high time you get to replacing your air conditioning unit. Well ACE Home services has an offer we can’t wait to share with you!

ACE Home Services has partnered with our manufacturers to provide ACE customers with travel vouchers when they purchase qualifying units and installation. Since now is the time for upgrading units (hasta la vista Freon!), we want to reward our loyal customers. Upgrading your AC might not be what you expected to have to take care of first thing in the new year, but hey – getting a trip out of it ain’t so bad!

Here’s how it works! Working with ACE, you will be able to choose from select new air conditioning units to cool and heat your home, along with it will come a voucher, your choice of either Cruise or Condo!


Cruise options include:

    • 4 different cruise lines (Royal, Norwegian, Carnival, and Celebrity)
    • 3, 4, 5, 6, or 7 days
    • No blackout dates to worry about!
    • 16 month window to book in.


  • Transferrable!


  • Customers only are responsible for taxes, transport to the cruise, any processing and port fees.


The condo options include:

  • Over four thousand resorts!
  • Over 100 countries!
  • Up to 7 night stays
  • 16 month window to book
  • Transferrable
  • Again, customers only need to pay for taxes, transport and processing fees.

Each voucher is valued at ~$4,400! You need to replace your AC anyways, how about a vacation while you’re at it! Here are some stories from current customers taking advantage of this amazing deal!

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“I recently decided to replace the air conditioner and furnace in my home. I contacted a company by the name of Ace Home Services, who installed my previous unit. They did a great job on the previous installation, which is why I called them out again. When the salesman arrived at my home, he went over his presentation and closed by mentioning a Cruise Voucher promotion they recently started. He said with the new HVAC system, we would be eligible to receive a cruise for vacation two. The Cruise Voucher was a great bonus to the purchase and I’m very excited to get everything booked. I take cruises quite often, but have yet to take an Alaskan cruise, which is one of the destinations available. Thank you, Ace Home Services, you guys are great!”   

-Violet Smith



“My husband and I recently called Stewart from Ace Home Services to get an estimate on a new condenser. He’s always taken great care of us, which is why we always give him a call first. When Stewart came out, he gave my husband and I pricing on the new unit. He also mentioned we’d be receiving a Condo Resort Voucher with our purchase. We thought the promotion was great, so we ended up working out a deal. We vacation at least once a year, so this voucher will definitely be going to good use. Thank you, Ace Home Services for this wonderful promo and for all of their years of excellent service.”

-Jill Sievevs

Whether you decide to take an Alaskan Cruise (a great idea to beat the heat this summer!) or to head out to an all inclusive resort, we are so happy to help! We love our customers and ecstatic to offer such a cool deal. After all in Arizona you need a great air conditioning unit, so why not get something fun while you are at it! Give us a call, mention this offer and let’s make it happen!

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