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What Does AC Repair in My Area Cost?

How much does AC repair cost in the Phoenix area? It is one of the most common questions we receive at ACE Home Services. As with all estimates, the costs of AC repair can vary depending on the severity of the damage or issue, as well as the make/model and the age of the unit.

However, we can quote some general ranges that clients can expect to pay for a wide variety of air conditioning services and some information about the repair process.

Common Air Conditioning Repairs


Woman feeling warm a/c leak

If your air conditioner breaks, here are so

me common repairs to try before buying a new unit.

Refrigerant leak detection and repair: $200-$1,500


Sometimes a refrigerant leak is obvious, other times it is not. Detecting a leak requires an HVAC technician to check the cooling capacity of the AC unit and to visually inspect the system for any visible leaks. The technician will also test the pressure within the system.

AC refrigerant recharge: $250-$750


ACE Home Services - What Does AC Repair in My Area Cost? - Refrigerant Recharge


It is essential to refill the system after a refrigerant leak is repaired. The cost of recharging the system depends on the amount of refrigerant required and the type that is used. Currently, residential systems use either R-22 (Freon) or R410A (Puron.) It is important to remember that updated federal regulations mean that R-22 will not be available beyond 2020 so we recommend clients consider this and factor this change into their plans sooner rather than later.

Circuit Board Replacement: $100-$600

Circuit boards can blow during power surges or when a short occurs in the system. While some components on the board can be replaced, damage to the circuit board often requires full replacement.

Replace Fuses, Circuit Breakers or Relays: $75-$300


This repair isn’t difficult and doesn’t take long to complete, and the parts themselves aren’t very expensive. However, it is a repair that does require a thorough knowledge of electrical systems in order to perform it safely and properly.

Thermostat Replacement: $115-500

ACE Home Services - What Does AC Repair in My Area Cost? - New Digital Thermostat Installation

Quite a few clients looking for “AC repair in my area” ask us to install new “smart” thermostats as part of the repair process. The reason for this is that these new thermostats can shave a considerable amount off our client’s monthly energy bills.

Replacing a thermostat is fairly straightforward and doesn’t take long. While the cost will vary depending on the thermostat that is to be installed, this is a cost-effective repair that pays for itself many times over as the years go by.

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AC Compressor Repair Hard Start Kit: $300-$500

This helps the condenser start quickly and consume power efficiently while the AC unit is in operation. The operational lifespan of a hard start kit is highly dependent on the age of the air conditioner.

Capacitor or Contactor Replacement: $100-$400


A malfunctioning capacitor can cause problems with the motor, fan and other components. The older the air conditioner the more stress it will place on the capacitor, which can reduce its lifespan considerably and require more frequent replacement. It is a wise investment for an air conditioner that is two or three years old but may not be for one that is older.

Home Air Compressor Replacement: $1,350-$1,800

ACE Home Services - What Does AC Repair in My Area Cost? - Compressor Repair

The cost of replacing an air compressor is highly dependent on the size and type of compressor that needs to be replaced. Replacing an air compressor requires disconnecting the power, removing the refrigerant, cutting the refrigerant lines, unbolting the compressor, removing the unit, then installing the new compressor.

Evaporator Coil Replacement: $400-$1,200

ACE Home Services - What Does AC Repair in My Area Cost? - New Evaporator Coil

Evaporator coils are a complex component that has a significant impact on the unit’s performance. If it fails, it won’t transfer heat efficiently, which means that the air conditioner won’t cool the home. This is a labor-intensive repair, and evaporator coils can become harder to find as the air conditioner ages. Click here to learn more about replacing an evaporator coil and its cost to replace.

Condensing Unit Fan Motor Replacement: $125-$250


This is a very common HVAC repair in Arizona. The climate and conditions in the region can cause bearings to freeze up or seize with little warning. When this happens, it’s necessary to replace the fan motor because the system will not operate with a seized fan.

Condensate Pump Replacement: $150-$250

When the condensate pump fails, it causes the unit to shut itself off in order to prevent flooding. This helps protect the system and your home from damage. One of the most important things to look for in a replacement pump is that it has sufficient horsepower to drain the line. If it does not, then the problem will continue even with a new unit installed.

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Condensate Drain Line: Free-$250

Most problems due to condensate drain lines are because of blockages, such as dirt or mold. Sometimes, blowing the system out and bleaching it can easily clear these blockages. However, the drain line can become damaged if something falls on it, if it gets stepped on, etc. In most cases, it is a relatively easy repair that doesn’t take long to complete.

Air Handler Motor Fan: $300-$550

typical ac fan repair cost

This motor and fan have a tendency to burn up under constant use conditions. The amount of difficulty and subsequent cost required to replace these components depend largely on their accessibility.

Drain Pans: $250-$600

Metal drain pans can rust and plastic drain pans can crack under the intense heat of the Phoenix sun. Leaks in the drain pan can lead to damage of critical components, foundations, etc., so it is important not to let these drips and leaks linger.

Installing a Split System: $3,000-$10,000

ACE Home Services - What Does AC Repair in My Area Cost? - install split system

The cost of installing a split system depends on the size of the home and the number of zones within the home that need to be cooled. It also depends on which cooling method is chosen, whether it is a ducted system, evaporative cooling or panel heaters.

The benefits of installation include lower operating costs, greater cooling efficiency and even air purification. Like smart thermostats, this is an upgrade that can pay significant dividends in comfort and cost savings for years to come.

Annual Tune-Up: $79.95

One of the best ways to avoid costly repairs is to have your system tuned up regularly. An annual tune-up can help detect small problems before they become big issues. This affordable service is one of the most popular services we offer.

Signs That You Need Air Conditioning Repairs

Wondering if you need AC repair in my area? While some things may be obvious, other more subtle signs a repair is required can lurk in the shadows. Knowing what is normal and what’s not is the key to keeping your air conditioner performing at peak efficiency throughout the seasons.

It is important to pay attention to whether the air conditioner is cooling air or not. This can be a sign that the system is blocked or that there is a problem with the air conditioner’s compressor, evaporator coils, etc. A malfunctioning thermostat may also cause the lack of cold air.

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Leaks are another common problem and can often be spotted during a visual inspection. If you notice fluid leaking around the sides of the air conditioner or filling the drain pan, it is advisable to verify whether it’s just water that’s not draining because of a clogged drain. If it is a refrigerant, schedule a service call as soon as possible for air conditioning service.

One of the most common ways to detect an air conditioner problem is by listening to the system. Repeated clicking sounds, clanking, banging or shrieking are not normal and can signal problems with the fan, motor, compressor, etc. If these sounds persist, it’s advisable to shut the system down until an HVAC repair technician has inspected the system and determined the source of the noise. This can prevent further damage, which could mean costlier repairs.

Another thing to look at closely are your monthly utility bills. You will want to look for a sharp increase in the amount you are spending even though there has not been a significant change in your monthly usage of the air conditioner or an increase in rates from the utility company. If you notice a spike, it can signify inefficiency in the system, which can help alert you to the need for a tune-up, repair or replacement.

Finally, pay attention to the smells coming from the air conditioner in your Phoenix home. Pungent or “foul smelling” smells can indicate burning wires, mold, etc. If these smells are accompanied by visible smoke, turn the air conditioner off and don’t turn it back on until a repair technician has repaired the source of the problem.

Need An AC Repair Quote? Contact the Pros at ACE Home Services in Phoenix

Since 1994, ACE Home Service has provided professional HVAC and air conditioning repair services to clients throughout the Phoenix area. If you are searching for AC repair near me or just a ac repair quote, we invite you to contact us at (602) 428-3341  to learn more about our services. We will be happy to answer your questions and schedule a free service call to get your air conditioner up and running again.

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