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Testing Air Quality at Work

Maintaining the air quality in the workplaces is important for sustaining a healthy environment for you and your employees. Office Air Check is a useful tool for checking the indoor air quality for warehouses, corporate offices, restaurants, studios, and other types of business settings. Office Air Check uses advanced technology to accurately determine the air quality of your space and detect any harmful or threatening chemicals. For example, it can detect formaldehyde, mold, tobacco, and other types of pollutants that are harmful.


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Why Should You Check Your Indoor Air Quality?

The Environmental Protection Agency, or EPA, has stated that indoor air pollution is a larger health hazard than the air pollution found outside. In some cases, it has been reported that indoor air pollution has reached levels that are 100 times higher than the pollutants present in the outdoors.

Most people who are working or living in an indoor environment don’t even know that it is polluted. You may not even realize that the air in your workplace contains allergens or chemicals that are contributing to any of your health conditions. For example, asthma can easily be worsened by poor indoor quality due to dust and mold. Some employees may even experience sickness and alternative ailments due to the invisible pollutants in the air. Even worse, unhealthy air can affect your productivity and work performance. Worst case scenario, you might have to take off work if your develop a sickness or illness.


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How To Test Air Quality At Work in 3 Steps

Testing air quality at work has three simple steps in which is analyzes the air in your work place, all at an affordable price. In the first step, you enable the test kit to collect air and send the sample back in a paid-postage box. Then, your sample is scanned and analyzed by professionals.

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You will receive a report providing you with a detailed analysis of what chemicals were detected in your air and how to improve the situation. We suggest hiring a professional air quality technician to help with any of the suggestions from the Office Air Check reports. Last but not least, you can rest easy knowing that you and your coworkers are enjoying cleaner and healthier air.

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