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Protect Your Home, Use UV

Times are tough right now. With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, many things we took for granted are being tested. People around the world are attempting to ‘flatten the curve’ by social distancing and staying home, avoiding the crowds. These people are fast learning the importance of their homes and making sure all of their fixtures are working correctly. Indoor air quality for instance. HVAC systems work hard to move cool or hot air throughout your home and they can accumulate dust, pet fur and dander, and even germs – but we have a fix for that! Use UV light to purify your home’s air!

Using UV to Purify Your Air

It is a well-known fact that light, especially at certain frequencies, can have an incredible effect on microbes. Ultraviolet light is just one of those frequencies.

UV light is at such a frequency. The light enters the microbes and disrupts their very DNA, preventing them from being able to reproduce and spread, effectively killing them!

Most natural ultraviolet light is filtered out by the Earth’s atmosphere, never reaching the germs living in sneeze droplets or on the surface of bathroom faucets. Because the germs never have to deal with that kind of light they have no built-up defenses to protect them from it. So it’s up to us to harness the literal power of the Sun to help burn away these microorganisms! 

UV light has become a widely used method of disinfection. Whether that’s disinfecting instruments and work surfaces in hospitals and labs across the world or in the food industry to sterilize food before it gets packaged or even in water treatment systems, UV light is a powerful method of purification.

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UV and Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

The EPA has it that indoor air pollution is a whopping five times worse than the air outdoors! This is due to a number of factors including inadequate ventilation, and indoor pollutants. Once those pollutants are in your air, the poor ventilation will keep them inside, cycling through rooms and vents. This is why regularly changing your filters is such an important step in keeping your air clean. Another option is installing UV systems!

A UV system is installed by professional HVAC technicians in the system, usually near the air conditioners itself. When active, the HVAC cycles the air from inside the home and through the vents, to either be cooled or warmed as necessary. As that air comes through the HVAC unit, the UV system in place will kill or neutralize the germs coming through. Think of it as another filter for germs! After the microbes have been hit by UV, they’ll die off, and your IAQ will improve!

Now, About COVID-19 and UV…

We know a big reason folks are investigating UV lights for home use is because of the current pandemic we find ourselves fighting. So, is UV effective in fighting COVID-19? We feel reasonably sure, but there’s a bit of wiggle room there – so let’s talk about it.

UV disinfection systems have been tested against a huge range of molds, viruses, bacteria and even funguses and most have an understood ‘dose’ of UV that renders them inert/dead/inactive. Coronavirus has not been specifically tested for, but similar pathogens that require a higher dose have been tested and the results? UV systems work. So while we can’t say with 100% certainty that UV disinfection systems kill coronavirus, we can say we are reasonably sure that it can help.

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UV based disinfection systems are a wonderful proactive defensive measure to use in your home. Give ACE Home Services a call and we’ll have a technician install a whole house purifier like the Patriot Carbon system and your indoor air quality will rise, and give you peace of mind.

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