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Prepare for Winter by Insulating Your Pipes

Winter is time for celebrating holidays, spending time with family, and enjoying the scenic weather. Don’t let frozen pipes ruin your winter holiday or break your bank! The best way to address frozen pipes is by preventing them from freezing in the first place. By insulating your pipes you can protect your home against damages, avoid catachsprhoic leaks, and save money! The following are some useful tips that can help prevent damage from striking and enable to you enjoy this winter season without worrying about unexpected problems catching you by surprise.

Determine Which Pipes are in Danger

The pipes inside your house are more likely to stay warm due to the heating system in your home, assuming that your furnace is working properly. These indoor pipes are less susceptible than the pipes outside your home that are constantly exposed to the cold air and harsh weather. Pipes that are outside or in areas that are not well heated are at the most risk to freezing and causing leaks or bursts. If your home’s main water supply line is above ground, you will want to address this pipe as well. Applying insulation to these pipes gives your home an extra layer of security throughout the winter.

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Applying Insulation

After you have determined which pipes in your home are the most vulnerable, it’s time to apply ample insulation. There are many option when it comes to insulation. For pipes in the attic or basement, that are indoors but don’t receive much heat, you can simply wrap them in newspaper. For pipes that are more directly exposed to the cold, there are products specifically designed to insulate these pipes from winter weather. You can purchase foam tubing that fits around the pipes to provide a solid layer of protection. For areas that are in more danger, you can purchase heated tape that can help prevent water in the pipes from dropping below freezing temperatures. If your home has a water cistern, you can purchase special insulation that is designed for the unit.

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Ask for Help!

If you require any assistance insulating your pipes, or have any questions, call ACE Home Services. We offer exquisite plumbing services/a> and can help detect leaking pipes, fix them, and prevent them from threatening the safety and comfort of your home

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