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Plumbing Camera Inspection Cost

If you are experiencing issues with your sewer, you may hire a plumber to come and evaluate your plumbing system. Many times, the plumber will suggest using a camera to inspect the sewer pipes to get a better understanding of the problem at hand. This article is to inform you about this process and how much the average cost of drain camera inspection is.

What You Can Expect to Pay for a Camera Plumbing Inspection

Here’s a breakdown of the typical plumbing camera cost:

Purpose of a Camera Inspection

The purpose of using a video camera in a plumbing inspection is to get a clear image of the problem affecting your system. Normally, the plumber will run the camera from the pipes in your house through the underground sewer system, looking for brakes, blockages, corrosion, or collapsed pipes. For homeowners experiencing backed up sewers, a camera inspection can help identify the location and exact source of the problem. This is especially useful for someone who is looking to sell or buy an older home.

How It’s Done

ACE Home Services - Plumbing Camera Inspection Cost - How it


During a camera inspection, a plumber will feed a long table that has a camera attached at the end of it. This camera will take images and send them to a monitor to be recorded and viewed later. This cable is waterproof, meaning it can be used while there is water running in the pipes.

Average Costs


Depending on the extent of the damages and the length of the pipes being evaluated, the average cost for a camera inspection can range anywhere from $100 – $800. These rights depend on the location and company. In some instances, the plumber may need to snake the pipes to get a better image. This can be an additional $100 – $300.

Hiring a Plumber Today!

When shopping around for a sewer camera inspection cost you can afford, you want to make sure you choose a company that is licensed and trusted in their community. Your best bet is ACE Home Services! With an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau in over 20 years of experiences, our services can’t be beat. Our experience and trained plumbers can tackle any job. Call us today at (602) 428-3341  and ask how we can help you! Click here to schedule a plumbing inspection online.

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