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10 Signs You Should Invest in Plumbing

Most of us don’t think about our plumbing every day. If it works, it works, and that’s the most thought that many people give to their plumbing at all. However, the state and quality of your home’s plumbing system could be costing you a lot of money that you don’t need to be spending, and investing a little time and money in an evaluation from a professional plumber from ACE Home Services could save you big time on your water bill, and could even save you from serious water damage in your home.

Your plumbing will tell you when it needs help, if you pay attention to it.

Is it Time to Invest In Your Plumbing?

Here are 10 surefire signs that you need to invest in your plumbing.

#1 If you have one or more clogged drains

cACE Home Services - 10 Signs You Should Invest in Plumbing: Rusted Pipe Water Flowing



One clogged drain might not seem like a big deal, and sometimes it isn’t. However, a single clogged drain, especially in the kitchen, could very well be a warning sign of a bigger problem with your plumbing. Kitchen drains get clogged with all kinds of waste, which can affect the pipes down the line, causing worse clogging later.

The harsh chemicals that you can use to unclog a drain get diluted when you rinse and might not fix down-line clogging, and they can even harm the lining of your pipes. The best thing to do is to have the drains and outlet pipes physically cleared by a plumber who has the tools and know-how to really clean those pipes out.

#2 If you can’t remember the last time you had a plumbing inspection

ACE Home Services - 10 Signs You Should Invest in Plumbing: Plumbing Inspector


Older, unmaintained pipes can easily sprout tiny leaks that you might not notice until they’ve already done a lot of water damage to your home. The leak could even get worse over time. Leaky pipes will not get better by themselves – you’ll need an expert plumber to investigate the cause of the leaks and figure out the best way to take care of it.

It’s better to be proactive about leaks and fix them before they become a real problem. It’ll save you from a lot of water damage and time lost dealing with insurance claims. If you haven’t had your pipes inspected a while, then it’s definitely time for a professional plumbing inspection.

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#3 If your water becomes reddish, brownish or another color


Rust can set in a lot more quickly than you think – it can go from crystal-clear to an off-putting reddish-brown (or any color in that spectrum) in a matter of days. If the water pipes that feed your taps start to rust and color your water, you’ll end up drinking it.

If you ever notice that happening to the water in your home, you should contact a plumber from ACE Home Services right away – we do emergency calls for just this sort of occasion.

#4 If you notice any leaks or water damage

ACE Home Services - 10 Signs You Should Invest in Plumbing: Water Damaged Ceiling


Noticeably quick-leaking pipes are a serious emergency. Severe water damage cannot be repaired easily and could even mean that you’ll have to repair or replace parts of the framing of your house. You’d be surprised to see how quickly a burst pipe can fill a house, too. If that ever happens, call our emergency line right away. If you notice a small leak, we can repair it before it becomes a bigger problem. We’ll even search for the leak if you can’t find it.

#5 If your water pressure is too low, too high or suddenly changes


ACE Home Services - 10 Signs You Should Invest in Plumbing: Shower Head

Low water pressure could be a sign of a leak or blockage in the pipes that feed your home. Either way, you shouldn’t let that problem sit because it will get worse over time if it’s left alone, especially since by the time your water pressure has dropped so much that you really notice it the problem is already pretty bad.

Our plumbers at ACE Home Services can detect leaks and blockages and repair them quickly and effectively. Too-high water pressure isn’t any better; pressures over 90 pounds per square inch or so will damage your pipes and water fixtures. Installing a water pressure gauge somewhere where you can easily see it is a great investment.

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#6 If your water bill is too high or suddenly increases


An unexplained increase in your water consumption could be a sign of a leak somewhere where you wouldn’t otherwise notice it (for example, water leaking somewhere outside). It could also mean that your fixtures are dripping or leaking. The flapper in your toilet tank might not be closing all the way, causing it to run all the time.

#7 If your pipes are made from lead or polybutylene

ACE Home Services - 10 Signs You Should Invest in Plumbing: polybutylene pipe

Polybutylene was frequently used in plumbing in the 1970s because it was affordable and easy to work with, but it turned out that it’s a poor material for plumbing. It’s not durable enough to really be appropriate for plumbing, and it’s very prone to breaking and leaking through regular use.

Lead is durable, but it’s a serious health risk; lead is toxic to your body. Lead leaking into residential plumbing was the cause of the water crisis in Flint, MI. The aqueducts of Rome were lined with lead because it’s malleable and durable, and some historians now believe that mass lead poisoning had a hand in Rome’s downfall.

If your pipes are made from either of these materials, you should have them inspected and replaced immediately with a good material like copper, galvanized steel or PVC.

#8 If you’re planning on upgrading your fixtures anyway


ACE Home Services - 10 Signs You Should Invest in Plumbing: Dishwasher

Change can be good for your home: Modern water fixtures or water-consuming appliances like dishwashers and washing machines conserve water without sacrificing water pressure and generally make things more comfortable. Most of these fixtures need a plumber to install them anyway, which is something we’re more than happy to do for you, by the way. This is also a perfect opportunity to have overdue home plumbing services and maintenance done.

#9 If your water heater malfunctions, leaks or doesn’t work as well as it should


pACE Home Services - 10 Signs You Should Invest in Plumbing: Hot Water Heater

You and your family probably shower with warm water produced by your hot water heater. Dishwashers, washing machines and sinks need hot water with which to clean. If you can’t count on your water heater, you won’t be able to clean yourself and your things reliably.

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Water heaters can easily start leaking – they’ll flood the entire house if you let them – which is why you should have your water heater professionally inspected regularly, and you should take a look at it yourself whenever you get the chance. Knowing how it should look and sound like when it’s working properly will make it much easier to notice when something’s wrong.

#10 If your sewer drain isn’t draining fast enough


This one’s a no-brainer: If your pipes aren’t draining into the sewer quickly enough, your home plumbing system has a serious problem. It might start to back up, and that nasty, stagnant water that comes out of it can do serious damage to your home. Fortunately, the solution to this problem is probably pretty straightforward: You need your sewer drain cleaned, which is one of the many services that ACE Home Services provides to our clients.

Contact ACE Home Services Today for a Plumbing Inspection

Plumbing for homes gets overlooked all the time. When everything is working perfectly, it’s easy to forget to think about them at all – the squeaky wheel is usually the one that gets the grease – but neglecting your home plumbing system can have truly catastrophic consequences ranging from skyrocketing water bills to serious water damage to your home.

If it’s been a while since your last home plumbing inspection, you should have a plumber from ACE Home Services inspect your water lines as soon as you can. You can contact us to set up an appointment online whenever you’d like, or give us a call at (602) 428-3341  for all plumbing needs. And, if you are experiencing an emergency, we can take care of that too. We service single-family, apartment, condo, and mobile homes.

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