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How To Keep Your Garbage Disposal In Top Condition

Garbage disposals are great tools, and enable homeowners to rid their kitchen of scraps of food with the flip of a switch. This prevents rotten food from stinking up your kitchen and spoiling your garbage can. Unfortunately, these odors can waft out of your drains and leave an uncomfortable smell. You can prevent this through

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4 Things You Shouldn’t Put In The Garbage Disposal

Your garbage disposal was intended to make your sink more efficient, not to act as a secondary garbage can! Table scraps are for the trash, not the garbage disposal. Continue reading to discover the four things that belong in the trash and should never be put in your sink’s garbage disposal. Never Put These 4

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How to Keep Your Garbage Disposal Running Like New

It can be a big problem when something goes wrong with your garbage disposal. Disposals can leak, become clogged or just stop working altogether. Here are some Dos and Don’ts when it comes to using and maintaining your garbage disposal. Operating Your Garbage Disposal (The “Do” List) Start cold water flowing before you begin running

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