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10 Signs You Should Invest in Plumbing

Most of us don’t think about our plumbing every day. If it works, it works, and that’s the most thought that many people give to their plumbing at all. However, the state and quality of your home’s plumbing system could be costing you a lot of money that you don’t need to be spending, and investing a little time and

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Most Common Plumbing Problems in Older Homes

Time flies, and many homeowners can forget how old their homes are getting. A home built in the mid-1960s is now more than 50 years old, and houses of that age can often present a host of headaches, such as plumbing problems. Below we’ve gathered a list of common plumbing problems in old houses. Call a plumbing specialist at ACE

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How to Snake a Drain like a Pro

Stubborn clogs can require more a more aggressive approach than can typically be done with drain cleaners or plungers. If you’ve run into a clog that doesn’t seem to want to move, your best hope could be a drain auger, also called a “snake.” Everything You Need to Know About Snaking a Drain Below is everything you’re going to need

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Did You Know It’s Plumbing Season In Phoenix?

Did you know that it’s plumbing season? The problems begin when things start to cool down and get chilly. Pipes can freeze and burst, lines can collapse, and root intrusions can wreak havoc. What Does Plumbing Season Mean to You? An accurate diagnosis of a plumbing problem may require a video camera sewer line inspection. Most plumbers charge you $299

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How to Clean Out Drains & Keep Them Unclogged

Older houses are especially prone to plumbing problems such as roots growing into the sewer line, broken pipes, poor drainage and many others. Not only can these issues be costly, they can lead to disasters both inside and outside your home. The Perils of DIY Plumbing It may seem easy to fix a sewer clog or repair a broken pipe,

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6 End-of-Summer Air Conditioning Maintenance Steps

Conducting proper end of the summer maintenance on your air conditioner may mean a trouble-free start next summer and extend its lifespan. 6 Air Conditioner Maintenance Tasks to Do After Summer Here are six actions to take to help maintain your air conditioning unit. 1. Inspect for Odors & Sounds Give a sniff and a listen both inside and out.

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