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What is the Cost of a New Central AC Unit?

How can you logically compare the cost of central air unit replacement with continued repair work on an older system? In the greater Phoenix area, AC units get a real workout, so while national averages might be one measure, locally you get a whole different picture of a system’s lifespan, efficiency and cost. So, how much does an AC unit

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An air conditioner’s condenser is designed to take warm air from outside and cool it before delivering it to you via air ducts. There are many different types of condensers, but perhaps the most common one we tend to see in Arizona is an air cooled one. These units are stored outdoors and typically are made up of a condenser

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Understanding Heating & Cooling Systems

An air conditioner is something that we can sometimes take for granted here in Phoenix. In the hot summer months in Phoenix, our air conditioners are usually on all the time struggling to keep us cool and comfortable in our homes. What most people do not realize is that an air conditioner is made up of many different parts and

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