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6 Common A/C Problems Arizona’s Extreme Summer Temperatures Cause

Though we live and work in a beautiful state, we do have to admit: Arizona gets brutally hot. The desert heat is often a challenge to us all. The heat saps our strength, tempers flare and sometimes we just want to sit inside and cool off. Year-in and year-out, the Arizona heat takes its toll on your air conditioner’s components; causing residents to have

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Blower Motor

Your HVAC unit’s blower motor is a key component of the system as a whole. The blower motor is designed to blow hot air through the air ducts during winter and cold air during summer. The two main types of blower motors are (i) single-speed – blows air throughout the house at one speed and (ii) variable-speed – blows air

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How Much Money Does the Average Furnace Tune Up Cost?

Paying for a heating tune-up early in the season is a lot cheaper than paying for an emergency call in the dead of winter. Still, you want to know your money is being well spent, and knowing the cost ahead of time can help you tame your monthly budget. How much money, then, does the average furnace tune-up cost, and

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