Sun City A/C Tune-Up

Sun City A/C Tune-Up

The name says it all: Sun City, Arizona is blessed to bask in 293 sunny days a year. That much direct sun not only produces a lot of Vitamin D in folks, it also produces a lot of problems with central air conditioners. Sperling’s Best Places tells us more than just sunny days, stating that Sun City gets average July high temperatures of 105°F, which also wears out your Sun City AC system. The cure for what ails your AC? An annual tune-up, delivered by the local experts in air conditioning repair, maintenance, and installation, ACE Home Services.

Our 21-Point Sun City Tune-up

Many HVAC contractors serve the Sun City area, but few will admit to a little trade secret about their annual tune-up and inspection: much of it is visual. The technician (or service representative, sometimes working without full training) will simply glance at some parts to pass judgment on them. Not so with ACE Home Services. We get in and get our hands dirty to make sure your AC system is working well!

Here is what we provide our Sun City customers:

  1. Thermostat —  We check and inspect the thermostat, ensuring settings are correct and energy efficient
  2. Plenum and air ducts — These three checks include the plenum pan gasket, and all return and supply ducts, for cleanliness and air leaks
  3. Condensation Drain and Pan  — Water levels are checked, and the drain is tested to make certain it has no line kinks or clogs
  4. Refrigerant  — Test refrigerant pressure at the suction line, and ensure correct refrigerant is in system
  5. Blower Motor  and Wheel — Two two checkpoints provide for sight and sound inspection, plus electrical tester, for proper connections, smooth operation and belt movement, and maximum efficiency
  6. Electrical — Five checkpoints prevent electrical hazards and equipment failure by testing the blower motor run capacitor, connections, all wiring, the compressor contactor, and relay switches
  7. Insulation — Proper insulation increases efficiency and reduces running costs
  8. Air Flow  — Airspeed through supply and return ducts must be balanced
  9. Safety Inspection  — Every moving part and electrical connection is checked for safety
  10. Starting and Operating Test  — We test all starting components, then test the entire system in operation in two separate tests
  11. Efficiency Testing  — We verify operational efficiency, both at start-up and during continuous operation

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ACE Home Services’ affordable, 21-point Sun City tune-up will have your system operating efficiently and well in even the hottest days of summer. Contact ACE today, and be sure to ask about service specials.