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ACE Tips: How to Avoid Costly Plumbing Repairs

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ACE Tip 1: Protect Your Toilet Drain System

We all know what’s supposed to go down the toilet drain system and what’s not supposed to. Except, perhaps, children who feel flushing anything and everything down the toilet is acceptable. Too often, we’re called out to a home to snake kid’s toys, like stuffed animals, Barbie Dolls, and toy cars.

For the adults who feel like they can flush more than what the toilet system was designed for, such as hygiene products, baby wipes and diapers, or paper towels, please avoid the temptation. Other than water, human waste, and tissue, nothing should be put down the toilet.

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ACE Tip 2: Don’t Put Food or Grease Down the Drain

Most households in Arizona come equipped with a garbage disposal, which comes with the common misconception that food waste should be put into it. This is wrong. Your disposal should only be used for washing small amounts of food, if anything, into. This includes pouring fat or grease into it. Your drains are designed to allow water to pass through them and everything else will end up blocking them; costing money to clear.

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ACE Tip 3: Fix Leaks & Drips Early

If you notice a leak inside or outside of your home, call in the pros immediately as this can lead to more costly repairs the longer it goes without repair. Similarly, if you see a faucet or spigot dripping or toilet running, get it fixed right away. Stopping small leaks, drips, and a running toilet with early detection will save on the water bill and repairs down the road.

Hot Water Icon

ACE Tip 4: Maintain Your Water Heater

When it comes to your home’s hot water heater, you probably don’t think too much about it other than it delivers hot water where and when you want it. The average water heater will last between 10 and 15 years and with a little bit of help keeping rust and corrosion away you can get to that 15-year mark saving on the cost to replace it. To maintain your water heater and extend it’s life expectancy, flush it out using the drain at the bottom of it approximately twice a year.

Water Shutoff Valve Icon

ACE Tip 5: Know How to Shut-Off Your Water Main

There is typically a water main that comes in from the street and a couple of smaller shutoff valves that will stop water from flowing if you find a leak. Furthermore, most toilets and faucets have shutoff valves that are easier to turn-off. Knowing how to shut-off the water in emergency situations can drastically reduce your repair costs and overall damage to your house.

Why Plumbing Maintenance Matters

When you need plumbing services in Phoenix there’s only one company to call, ACE Home Services. We can handle all your plumbing needs, no matter how big or small. When you call us, you’ll always speak to a live person. We believe that providing excellent customer service is just as important as providing excellent plumbing services.

Plumbing Repair, Installation, & Replacement Services in Phoenix, Arizona

No matter what your plumbing needs are, whether you need fixtures installed and need to schedule a month in advance or you have a plumbing repair emergency and need plumbing services in the middle of the night, we are your top choice. We offer affordable and trustworthy plumbing repair and installation services to residents in Phoenix, Arizona and a wide variety of other areas. Our plumbing services and team are available every day of the year. Yes, we’re available on holidays, weekends, after-hours. We are ready when you need us!

We don’t charge extra to receive plumbing services on the weekends. We also don’t charge extra for holidays. With us, there is no charge for plumbing repair service call.  If we do the work for you, then you’ll never see a charge for overtime, trip charges, or diagnostics. We provide reasonable plumbing repair, replacement, and installation services to help resolve emergencies or other types of issues.

All your commercial and residential plumbing service requirements are covered.

Do you have other plumbing needs that you don’t see listed? You can trust that ACE’s plumbing company can help you. We are your Phoenix resource for both emergency and planned plumbing repair needs, for commercial and residential needs, and for plumbing services every single day of the year. We have over 20 years of experience in the plumbing repair and installation fields.

We can help with every plumbing need you have, including the following.

Residential Appliance Installation

If you’re looking to upgrade your appliances, add some to a new home or just make your existing system more efficient, ACE Home Services is here to help.

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Residential Fixture Installation

When you hire ACE plumbing experts to handle your fixture installation needs, we will provide on-time, professional and courteous service every single time.

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Hot Water Heater Replacement

At ACE, we offer water heater tune-ups, repairs and replacement services that can ensure you have a water heater that’s functioning and ready around the clock.

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Overall Plumbing Inspection

A plumbing inspection ensures that small problems, if any, don’t become larger and more costly problems later. Inspecting your home plumbing ensures that toilets, sinks, showers and more are functioning efficiently.

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Purified Drinking Water Systems

ACE plumbing services is proud to provide you with sustainable, purified drinking water solutions. We have multiple options for you to choose from, and will install the system that works best for you.

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Water Leak Detection

Leak location is the performance of finding a water, gas or sewer leak in your home. It is essential for your safety and home efficiency to fix any leaks before they become dangerous or expensive.

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Recirculation Pumps

We can install a recirculation pump to enhance your home, saving you both money and the natural resource of water

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New Water & Plumbing Lines

We stay up to date on industry standards, and use the latest and most efficient models in your home, which include but are not limited to: copper, Wirsbo, and Aquapex piping.

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New Gas Lines

ACE plumbers and technicians are skilled in gas line installation and can provide top-quality service every time.

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Bathroom Remodeling

From small remodeling projects to luxury master spaces, ACE plumbing can help you pick the perfect fixtures and finishing touches to update your bathroom.

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Residential Water Softening

Soft water creates softer clothes while doing laundry, less water spots after using the dishwasher, softer skin and hair after showering, and less risk for clogs in your pipes.

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Sewer Drain Cleaning & Repair

That’s why we offer drain-cleaning services that can guarantee your drains will be clog free. That means no potential contamination or rank odors in or around your home.

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How Our Phoenix Plumbing Company is Different

ACE Home Services - Difference

#1 No Answering Machines, Actual Representative

If we’re available, you won’t get the answering machine but instead a real member of our team who is friendly and eager to help you resolve your plumbing problem.

ACE Home Services - Difference

#2 We’re Available Nights, Weekends & Holidays

With ACE you don’t have to wait for a weekend or holiday to end, we’re available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

ACE Home Services - Difference

#3 Certified & Qualified Repair Plumbers

We only hire the best plumbers from around the Valley who are certified in the state and who’ve seen and solved your same problem several times before.

ACE Home Services - Difference

#4 We Offer All Plumbing Services

We offer all areas of residential and plumbing repairs and installations. If you need custom plumbing performed at your home, ACE is the right company for you.

ACE Home Services - Difference

#5 Solid History Serving Phoenix Residents

For more than 20 years ACE has been service residents of Phoenix and we fully intend on keeping residents happy and safe in their homes for another 20.

ACE Home Services - Difference

#6 We Come Prepared for Every Job

We don’t send a plumbing technician to your home without the tools and parts he/she will need to get the job done. That’s why we keep our trucks fully stocked and ready for the next project.