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ACE Tips: How to Avoid Costly Air Conditioner Repairs

Avoid Costly A/C Repair - Change Air Filter

ACE Tip 1: Change Air Filters Every 4 Weeks

An air conditioner that runs as often as a Phoenix A/C unit does should have its air filtered changed about every four to five weeks. A dirty air filter reduces the unit’s running efficiency, which ends up costing more to operate and knocking years off of its life expectancy. Keep in mind that air filters range in quality and effectiveness, so be sure to ask your ACE repairman which is right for your home.

Avoid Costly A/C Repair - Thermostat

ACE Tip 2: Check Thermostat Settings

If you leave your home during the day to go to work or even a weekend getaway, you should turn off or raise the settings to prevent the unit from starting up as regularly. Running an air conditioner, especially in Phoenix, only puts more stress on the unit. Which is why you should only run the air conditioner if you’re at home. Need help choosing a new thermostat? Click here to learn about smart phone thermostats.

Avoid Costly A/C Repair - Electrics

ACE Tip 3: Tighten Down Electrical Components

A semiannual inspection all all electrical components is highly recommended to keep your unit running longer and blowing colder. This is a tip that is often left to a certified HVAC repairman; however, savvy homeowners can do the inspection. If there is any rattling or unusual sounds, try to tighten down the connections near the noise. Lose connections shorten lifespan and can become unsafe to operate.

Avoid Costly A/C Repair - Outdoor Equipment

ACE Tip 4: Inspect Outdoor Equipment

Debris, grass, leaves, and even pets can do a great deal of damage to your HVAC unit’s outdoor equipment. When the unit is blocked by foliage, it can prevent air circulation; causing a drop in efficiency. Additionally, dog urine has been known to effect the air conditioner too. So keeping pets away with a fence or barrier is always recommended. Click here for more tips on cleaning the outside A/C unit.

Avoid Costly A/C Repair - Lubrication

ACE Tip 5: Lubricate Moving Parts

Lubricating your A/C unit’s moving parts isn’t necessarily and easy job; however, it is an important aspect of maintaining the air conditioner. If parts don’t get lubricated regularly, friction can cause unwanted heat and increase the energy used. If you’re unsure of how to properly lubricate your air conditioning unit, contact ACE.

Why Air Conditioning Maintenance Matters in Phoenix

Are you ready to beat the heat this summer? More importantly, is your A/C unit ready? During these long, scorching summers, you can expect the temperatures to rise well above 100 degrees on any given day throughout the Greater Phoenix Area. These high temperatures can threaten the comfort of your home and push your A/C unit to its limits. If your air conditioner lacks proper maintenance, there’s a very good chance that when it goes bad, it will do so at the peak of summer. Make sure your home is ready for the blistering heat by calling your friends at ACE!

ACE’s Air Conditioning Company in Phoenix

ACE Home Services’ air conditioning company is your number one choice for all your Phoenix air conditioning needs. Our representatives are available to assist you with your air conditioner issue(s) and will provide you with all the necessary information you need to make the best decision for you and your home. ACE proudly offers the A/C repair and installation services.

Whether your air conditioner needs replacing or repairing a unit that won’t blow cold air, ACE Home Services is Arizona’s choice for A/C services! From maintenance to new unit installations, and everything in between, our staff is prepared to help you! Our expert repairmen excel in residential A/C repair and will work with you, and your budget, to find the right solution to keep your home comfortable.

AC Unit Tune Up in Phoenix

A/C Unit Tune-Up

Our experts at ACE will perform a 21-point air conditioning inspection, ensuring the performance and safety of your A/C unit. Click to view our tune-up checklist.

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Phoenix Air Conditioning Repair Company

Equipment Repair

If your A/C has stopped working, or it just isn’t working very efficiently, you need a qualified A/C repair company to come to the rescue. At ACE Home Services, we want to be that team for you and earn all of your future Phoenix air conditioning company needs.

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New Air Conditioning Units Installed Phoenix

Air Conditioner Replacement

If you think it’s time for you to replace your unit, call our Phoenix Metro air conditioning company to help with making the right decision when finding the right air conditioner for your needs.

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ACE Home Services in Phoenix: Blown-in-Insulation

Blown-in Insulation

Along with keeping unwanted air from outside out, and trapping air from your heat and A/C system in the home, proper insulation can also help you save money on energy bills.

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Commercial HVAC Services Metro Phoenix Area

Commercial HVAC Services

Our staff excels in commercial and industrial air conditioning repairs. Whether you are looking to upgrade, replace, or simply repair your unit, ACE’s air conditioning company has the right answer for you!

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ACE Home Services in Phoenix: Air Duct Cleaning

Air Duct Cleaning

Our air duct cleaning service involves the use of specialized equipment like rotor brushes to make sure every inch of your ducts is free of pollutants.

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Phoenix Indoor Air Quality Testing

Indoor Air Quality Test

From dirty, dusty vents to homes where the air inside gets stale and musty, there are a lot of potential problems in the average house.

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How Our Phoenix Air Conditioning Company is Different

ACE Home Services - Difference

#1 No Answering Machines, Real Person

That’s right, when you call ACE you don’t get an answering machine. Instead you speak with one of our friendly employees who are eager to help schedule your service call.

ACE Home Services - Difference

#2 Special Offers & Discounts

We appreciate your business, which is why we regularly offer special deals and discounts on a wide variety of our services. To see what we’re currently offering, visit our Specials page.

ACE Home Services - Difference

#3 Certified & Experienced Repairmen

Are technicians know their stuff. They are fully trained so that they can diagnose your problems in a hurry and fix it fast.

ACE Home Services - Difference

#4 We Do it All

From spring tune-up service to replacing your whole A/C system, ACE Home Services’ Phoenix air conditioner installation and service company is the right service provider for your job. Call us for all of your residential heating and plumbing needs.

ACE Home Services - Difference

#5 Proven Track Record

We’ve been helping Phoenix residents to stay cool for 20-plus years. Our longevity in the marketplace is your assurance that you’re going to get expert service.

ACE Home Services - Difference

#6 Fully Stocked Trucks

You want your air conditioning company repairman working on fixing your issue; not running back and forth to get parts. We cater to all major air conditioner units and our technicians come prepared.

Phoenix Residents Turn to ACE A/C Services

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