Goodyear A/C Tune-Up

Goodyear A/C Tune-Up

Goodyear residents depend upon reliable, energy-efficient central air conditioning. In a city that basks under 294 sunny days a year, according to Sperling’s Best Places, our Goodyear neighbors need all the cooling power they can get. Fighting July high temperatures of 106? (Sperling again) means having perfectly tuned up equipment ready and waiting. ACE Home Services answers that need with our 21-Point Tune-Up specifically planned for Goodyear residents’ central air conditioners. 

Best HVAC Maintenance Goodyear

ACE Home Services 21-Point Air Conditioning Tune-Up, performed by highly trained HVAC technicians, includes these affordable and necessary steps:

  1. Thermostat Inspection — Check thermostat accuracy and correct settings
  2. Plenum Check — Your HVAC system’s plenum pan gasket and other parts are checked and, if needed, replaced
  3. Air Duct Inspection — All supply and return ducts are checked for dirt, debris, clogs or damage
  4. Air Duct Leakage — We ensure costly air leaks do not rob your Goodyear home’s A/C of efficiency
  5. Condensate Drain Pan — Inspect to prevent leaks, pooling or high humidity by checking water levels in the pan
  6. Examine Condensate Drain Line — Check condensate drain line for kinks, clogs or splits that prevent proper drainage
  7. Blower Motor — We inspect the blower motor for proper and efficient performance
  8. Run Capacitor — The blower motor run capacitor acts like a big battery; without it working properly, your blower motor will not run
  9. Inspect Blower Wheel —Check pulley belts and bearings
  10. Measure  Air Flow — We test air speed to verify proper air flow throughout your Goodyear residence
  11. Safety Check — Our technicians examine the entire system, inspecting for safety problems
  12. Inspect Electrical Wiring —Inspect electrical wiring and connections of the central air conditioner for proper current and connectivity
  13. Operating Test — We make certain your Goodyear unit runs as expected under all conditions
  14. Compressor Contactor — Visual and performance inspection of the air conditioner’s compressor contactor
  15. Test Relays and Switches — All relays and switches are checked to ensure proper function
  16. Run Capacitors — Check your A/C’s run capacitors for any safety issues while the system is operating
  17. Test Starting Components — Verify proper sequential firing of all start-up parts
  18. Refrigerant Check — We inspect the refrigerant’s suction pipe for proper refrigerant line pressure 
  19. Verify Condenser Motor Operation — We ensure your A/C condenser motor is operating at proper voltage and speed
  20. Visually Check Tube & Panel Insulation — Examine air conditioning tubes and panels for proper insulation
  21. Test Operating Efficiency — Calculate cooling and operational efficiency

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Fighting Goodyear’s spring and summer heat requires a properly working A/C system you can rely upon. With your call to ACE Home Services, you can rely upon us to dispatch an HVAC professional in a fully equipped truck for a quick, efficient A/C tune-up. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for your Goodyear home’s A/C.