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Why You Should Never Flush Trash Down the Toilet

Can I Flush Trash?

A common mistake that many homeowners make is flushing trash down the toilet. Flushing trash can disrupt your toilet’s pipes and ruin your bathroom plumbing system. Although the toilet seems to easily get rid of anything, trash is not one of those things. The only things you should ever flush down your toilet area toilet paper and human waste. Even products that claim to be “flushable” may cause issues and clogs. Trying to get rid of anything else can cause blockages, pressure issues, and dirty messes. Avoid future plumbing problems my disposing of your trash, in the trash!

Potential Problems and Crappy Consequences

Best case scenario, you try to flush a foreign object that blocks the pipes, and you can use a plunger to rectify the situation. This may only work in some instances, leaving you with a bigger problem on your hands if you can’t unclog your toilet immediately. Often, clogs can occur deeper in your plumbing system, requiring you to snake the toilet, or call in backup from a plumber. Not only does this process take time, but it can be messy and even cost you money. Some clogs can even cause your toilet to overflow and cause water damage and health threats from the sewage water. Worst case scenario, the clog occurs deep underground near the sewer, which can be an expensive and inconvenient repair job. Bottom line is don’t flush trash.

Trash It Don’t Flush It Prevent the Problem

You can prevent these problems from avoiding flushing anything but human waste or toilet paper. You should even avoid flushing wipes, pads, and diapers. These kinds of materials can travel to the sewer system and are hazardous to the environment and the municipal treatment plant. If you forget and accidentally clog you toilet, don’t worry! ACE Home Services is here for you – standing by, ready to assist you with any of your plumbing needs.

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