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Which Air Conditioner is Best for Your Home?

At some point during your time as a homeowner, you’re probably going to be faced with buying or replacing an air conditioner. The punishing heat of Phoenix summers can be hard on older AC units; even a top-of-the-line model is going to wear out, break beyond repair, or simply become too expensive to continue maintaining. Which air conditioner is best for your home? Here’s a quick rundown on choosing an AC unit for your Phoenix home.

Types of AC Units

The most widely available AC units include:

  • Central heat and air units. These big units typically sit outside the home and hook into the system inside the house to provide both heat and air conditioning.
  • Window units. Very popular due to their affordability and easy installation, window units can be costly to operate, especially if they’re not the right size for the job.
  • Portable freestanding units. This type of air conditioner can be relocated easily from one room to another. They typically have an exhaust kit to install in a nearby window, as well as a reservoir or drain system to capture excess water.
  • Built-in wall units. Wall units allow for a better fit than their window unit cousins, but may also entail extra costs, as a hole must be made in your home’s exterior wall to allow for installation. They’re an excellent option in areas that aren’t served by a central AC unit, such as a garage.
  • Mini split units. Mini split units can provide both heating and cooling, and do not require ductwork as central AC units do. A mini split AC is a great option if you’re remodeling or adding on a space.
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Calculating AC Unit Size

Square footage is an important consideration in choosing an AC unit. A single room will have different requirements than your whole house or a single floor in a multilevel home. Make sure there’s a power source that can handle the load of an AC unit and ensure that there’s adequate space for installation.

Where to Get Your New Air Conditioner

At ACE Home Services, we understand the intricacies of keeping your family comfortable, and can help you make the right decision for your needs. We’re a trusted leader in Phoenix AC repair, and we’re available whenever you need us. Contact us today for your Phoenix air conditioning repair!

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