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How Much Does An AC Tune-Up Cost in Phoenix?

Updated 5/17/2024

Given the high costs of major repairs or replacement, having your AC looked at every year makes good economic sense. You may be debating “should i get an ac tune up?” or try to defer maintenance. Look at the low cost of getting proper AC tune-up services, and compare it to the cost of neglecting your system. We recommend scheduling an appointment for an AC tune-up to ensure your unit is able to last as long as possible. ACE Home Services offers air conditioning services such as air conditioning repair and air conditioning replacement in Phoenix, Arizona and other areas.

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Decoding AC Tune-Up Costs: Factors to Consider

Now that you understand the importance of AC tune-ups, you’re probably wondering how much they’ll cost. The truth is, the price can vary depending on several factors:

  1. The size of your home and the complexity of your AC system
  2. The age and condition of your unit
  3. The extent of the tune-up services provided
  4. The reputation and pricing structure of the HVAC contractor
  5. Seasonal promotions and maintenance plan discounts

On average, you can expect to pay between $75 and $200 for a comprehensive AC tune-up. While this may seem like an added expense, consider the potential costs of neglecting maintenance – from reduced efficiency to premature system failure.

What Does An A/C Tune-Up Consist Of?

A new central air conditioning system is a major investment. If your Valley home was a business, that AC would be a capital expense. The expert estimators at CostOwl mention a range of $3,000 to $10,000 for a completely new system.

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The typical ac tune up cost varies by HVAC contractor, season and the particular job call. Factors that could affect your AC tune up cost include:

Most HVAC contractors will run service specials, lowering the price of a complete AC tune-up to allow you, the homeowner, to sample their service. This is a good tryout for generating regular business; you can see how well the HVAC technician did and feel how well your system operates. After your first electric bill of cooling season, you may be pleasantly surprised at the increased energy efficiency. You become that contractor’s steady customer.

Such a “loss leader” ac tune-up in phoenix az cost may be in the neighborhood of $50, seldom lower. The actual cost for this visit (for labor, overhead and parts) to the contractor is closer to $150. The next semiannual or annual tune-up will probably cost between $100 and $200. You can also save money with an annual contract, which can include repair visits and furnace service before winter.

The Anatomy of an AC Tune-Up: What to Expect

So, what exactly happens during an AC tune-up? A skilled HVAC technician will perform a thorough inspection and servicing of your system, including:

  1. Cleaning and adjusting the blower motor, condenser coil, and fan blade
  2. Calibrating the thermostat and checking the compressor
  3. Inspecting and cleaning the air filter, ductwork, and condensate drain line
  4. Testing electrical connections, refrigerant levels, and safety devices
  5. Lubricating moving parts and tightening loose components

Spring is the best time to get an AC tune-up. It is just before cooling season, so your system will be ready for the high demands Phoenix days can bring. A typical tune-up includes all the major parts and your HVAC service cost covers:

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Every part of the interconnecting systems will be checked, too:

Timing is Everything: When to Schedule Your AC Tune-Up

Just like you wouldn’t wait until the dead of winter to buy a new coat, you shouldn’t wait until the height of summer to schedule your AC tune-up. The best time to have your system serviced is during the spring, before the cooling season begins in earnest. Here’s why:

  1. Avoiding the summer rush and potential delays in service
  2. Ensuring your AC is ready to handle the heavy workload of hot weather
  3. Allowing ample time to address any issues discovered during the tune-up
  4. Taking advantage of pre-season promotions and discounts
  5. Enjoying a cool, comfortable home from the first hot day of summer

Get Your Spring AC Tune Up Today!

The technician handling your Valley home’s AC system needs to be someone you trust, so a week after the tune-up you do not return from an afternoon trip to a broiling house. ACE Home Services hires only the industry’s best, ensuring they are backed up with fully stocked trucks and plenty of training. Learn more about our air conditioning repair, air duct cleaning, and blown-in wall insulation services. We also offer heating services such as furnace repair, furnace replacement, and furnace tune-up.

Contact Ace Home Services today at (602) 428-3341  to schedule your next AC tune-up. Ask about commercial AC tune-up service too We promise to keep your air conditioner tune up cost low!

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