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Do I Need AC Zoning in My Home?

Phoenix is well-known for its punishing summers, and many residents become anxious during the hottest months, trying to save money on air conditioning while staying cool. One of the best ways to cut cooling costs in Phoenix is to zone your air conditioning.

This may sound complicated, but it really just refers to zoning AC so that it’s only in use where it’s needed. For example, you may have rooms that aren’t in use during much of the day and these can be zoned to only be cooled when needed.

A zoned AC system gives you more control over how your home is cooled during harsh summer heat and can save you up to 30% on cooling costs. AC zoning is relatively simple, especially if you call our team of knowledgeable professionals at ACE Home Services to get it done.

Here’s what you need to know.

How AC Zoning Works

AC zoning allows your home to be divided into different areas that share cooling needs. The bedrooms, for example, might be in a single zone, allowing them to be cooled when you’re sleeping, and not cooled during the hours when you’re not in bed. Zoning also allows you to make it warmer in some areas, and cooler in others, as needed. The kitchen may get hot while dinner is being prepared, so you might set up your a/c unit to work a little harder there during the early evening hours.

Your home can have several zones, or only two, depending on your specific needs. Each zone is controlled by electronic thermostats and modulating dampers to automatically adjust the temperature independently from other zones. Digital thermostats can help you set a schedule for each zone, leaving the whole thing completely automated. You can just set it and go without worrying that you’ve forgotten to adjust one area or another before leaving. This helps you save money by using AC only in areas where it’s needed. It doesn’t improve the efficiency of your AC unit, but it can drive down costs quite effectively.

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More Benefits of a Zoned AC System

HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) zoning isn’t just about saving money, although that’s a great – and important – benefit. It’s also about keeping your home more comfortable. With single-thermostat set-ups, your home could have a large range of temperatures, especially if it’s large or has more than one level. With a zoned HVAC system in Phoenix, you can effectively keep your home comfortable without the hot or cold spots you could have with a single system.

Many different factors can affect the way your AC system works, including shade, vaulted ceilings, weather conditions, appliance operation, and personal activities like cooking. HVAC system zoning addresses these factors by allowing each thermostat to respond to a specific zone in the house, leading to an overall more comfortable home. When the demand is higher in one zone, the system responds by providing more air conditioning specifically in that area.

When You Need Zoned A/C Unit in Phoenix, Call ACE

At ACE Home Services, we’ve been taking care of Phoenix area residents for more than two decades. We have a proven track record of helping those of us in the Valley of the Sun stay cool and comfortable, even during the hottest months. We offer free service calls and don’t charge extra for nights, weekends, and holidays. Whether you need a zoned HVAC system or you’re facing an emergency repair, our experienced and knowledgeable technicians are ready to help. Contact us today to get the most out of your air conditioning!

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