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Understanding Heating & Cooling Systems

An air conditioner is something that we can sometimes take for granted here in Phoenix. In the hot summer months in Phoenix, our air conditioners are usually on all the time struggling to keep us cool and comfortable in our homes. What most people do not realize is that an air conditioner is made up of many different parts and that these parts work together to run properly and efficiently. If a part wears down or breaks, then your entire air conditioning unit may suffer. If this happens you will want to get a technician to come out for air conditioning repair.

The first step to understanding why Air Conditioning Repair is so important is to know how your air conditioning unit works. Listed below are some of the different parts of the air conditioner and their function.

  1. Expansion valve- controls how much refrigerant goes into the evaporator

  2. Compressor- a pump that pressurizes the refrigerant

  3. Condenser- coils that move the outside air inside, or move air to the outside

  4. Evaporator- coils that will move heat into our home or will move heat outside your home

  5. Air handler- fan that blows the cooled, or heated, air into the ducts in your home

As you can see there are many different parts of an air conditioner. What is listed above is only a few of the parts found inside an air conditioner. Each of these parts relies on the other to complete what they were designed to do. If one of these parts wears out, the other will not work as effectively as if could. This could cause some serious problems with your air conditioning unit. Parts may break a lot quicker and you could be paying a lot more money on your monthly electricity bills.

When parts do not work right, your need for air conditioning repair will go up. You may even notice certain signs of your air conditioner not working correctly like your heating a cooling unit is not turning on or it is on all the time. There are many different things you could do if you notice that your air conditioner is not working as effectively as it could. The first thing you could do is take a look at it yourself and see if you can fix the problem. Some of the problems just require reconnecting the drainage hose, others tend to be more complicated. This does it yourself approach may work for some people, but in most cases it is easier to call in the professionals like the ones at ACE Home Services.

A heating and cooling technician will examine all parts of your A/C unit to make sure that they diagnose the problem correctly. They will then make the best possible recommendation of your specific issue that you are experiencing. These recommendations can range from some type of air conditioning repair to replacement. Other times there may be nothing wrong with your unit at all. However, getting your unit checked out will give you that piece of mind you are looking for.

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