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Trying to Save Energy? Don’t Close Your A/C Vents!

The age-old question: “Do closing vents save energy?” Many people are under the impression that closing your air conditioning vents will save you energy and money. The assumption that air will redirect and only cool rooms that you use is FALSE. Although closing your vents sounds good in theory, it can actually have the opposite effect and end up costing you. Simply put, closing your vents can lead to costly breakdowns of your A/C system and increase your energy savings.

3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Close Air Vents

Here are three compelling arguments not to close air vents and registers in unoccupied rooms.

hvac technician closing vents to unused rooms

1. Closed Vents Can Restrict Airflow

When your air conditioning system was installed in your home, it was designed to balance airflow, making sure there is proper air flowing in and out of the vents to cool your entire home. By closing vents, you will disrupt this calculated balance of airflow and create undesired pressure within the system. Your air conditioner will then work overtime to compensate for this pressure, raising your energy costs and threatening the performance of your unit.

ACE Home Services - Should I Close My Air Vents or Leave Them Open? - Build Up Air Pressure

2. Air Pressure Can Strain Your Air Ducts

Not only does closing your vents create negative air pressure, but it strains your air ducts by causing leaks. The air will then escape into crawlspaces or attics. The air you thought would cool the rooms with open vents ends up wasted and damaging your air ducts.

3. Interior Walls Don’t Have Insulation

When you close vents in a room, that room will become warmer. Because interior walls aren’t insulated, the heat will transfer through the walls, and under doors, into nearby rooms. Your A/C unit will work harder to compensate as it tries to keep these rooms cool from the heat that is entering them. Again, this can push your unit to a breakdown and raise your energy consumption.

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Still Asking Yourself Do Closing Vents Save Energy?

If you are looking to save money this summer and reduce your energy expenditure, call ACE Home Services today at (602) 428-3341 to contact us and ask about how we can help you save money and keep your home cool.

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