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Tips for an AC Tune Up

The key to saving you energy and money this summer is to keep your A/C unit running efficiently. There are various tips and tricks you can perform yourself, which can prevent your unit from breaking down and taking money out of your wallet.

3 Tips from ACE Home Services to Keep Your A/C Working at its Best

Make sure your air filter is clean

Dirty air filter? Replace it! A dirty air filter can block air from properly flowing through your system, damaging the performance of your unit and ultimately leading to costly breakdowns. We suggest you check your filter regularly, especially during  months of high A/C usage. Check out our other articles to learn more about how air filters affect your A/C and what kind of filter is right for your home.
ACE Home Services -Air filter dirty with dust and lint

Make sure your condenser coil is clean

Your condenser coil is located on the outside unit, and needs to be cleaned at least once a year. A dirty condenser coil can either become too hot, or ice over, and stop your unit from working. Simply wash the condenser coil off, or call one of ACE’s professionals to assist you in diagnosing the problem.

Make sure your outside unit is clean:

If dirt or debris is covering the surface of your outside unit, it can prevent it from performing correctly. Avoid this problem by simply washing the unit off, which will help your A/C run smoothly and effectively.

Schedule a tune-up with ACE:

Here at ACE, we offer a comprehensive 20 plus-point tune-up. Our experienced technicians will ensure your A/C’s performance for upcoming seasons. Check out our tune-up page, available for both air conditioning and heating, to learn more about how ACE can help you!

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