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The Smallest A/C Units You Can Buy to Keep Your AZ Home Cool

Central air conditioning, a heat pump, or a split system air conditioner is a major investment. For many reasons, some people prefer smaller air conditioners. Sometimes you have just a small space you want to keep cool, without spending money to cool a larger area. Sometimes you know you will be moving and do not want to spend a lot on a system you will not be using. Buying small sometimes makes a lot of sense.

Three Choices When it Comes to Small Air Conditioners

In smaller air conditioners, you have three main choices:

  1. Window units
  2. Portable air conditioners (sometimes called swamp coolers)
  3. Wall units
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Should I Buy a Window Air Conditioner?

If you rent, plan to move soon, or have a small space, a window air conditioner makes good financial sense. It is a much lower investment than central air conditioning or a heat pump. It can save you money on your energy bill. You can take it with you when you vacate.

Most people install window a/c units themselves, though folks with disabilities or the elderly can turn to trained technicians for professional installation. Most window air conditioners simply plug into a wall outlet. You may need to use screws and a screwdriver to secure the air conditioner and prevent the window from accidentally sliding open.

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Should I Buy a Portable Air Conditioner?

If you do not want to give up an entire window to an air conditioner, consider a portable unit, also known as a swamp cooler. It uses evaporative cooling and a tiny exhaust hose to vent hot room air outside. It is the ultimate in portability, too. Suppose you begin your day in a home office but want to move to your craft or sewing room. Simply roll the portable air conditioner from one room to the next, putting the ventilating hose out a window.

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Should I Buy a Wall Unit?

If you own your home, a wall unit (which requires a hole in your exterior wall) could work for you. Usually, wall air conditioners are built in as permanent, year-round fixtures. Remove the outside cover for the cooling season; replace it during fall and winter. Expect to pay more for the unit and installation when you buy a wall air conditioner.

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